TDSU 2: Optical Technologies

This group develops different high precision measurement technologies based on interferometric testing and use them to determine the precision of different objects, e.g. aspheric lenses.

The Technology Development and Service Unit “Optical Technologies” offers advice and services for the institute and conducts research in the fields of optical metrology in general and classical interferometry in particular. We have a variety of measurement systems for optical shop testing, including interferometers of Fizeau, Twyman-Green, Mach-Zehnder, Mirau and Linnik type, as well as a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor for alignment purposes. We develop and improve interferometric testing methods, ranging from calibration methods for spheres and aspherics, the measurement of glass homogeneity with the help of specially designed light sources, to interferometric speckle techniques with a reduced number of phase singularities.


Current research

  • Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer for the investigation of atmospheric processes
  • Reduction of Phase Singularities in Speckle Interferometry

Earlier research

  • Development of a novel absolute testing method for aspherics
  • Application of transformation optics to achieve a perfect imaging of curved surfaces in the sense of geometric optics
  • Novel procedure for homogeneity testing of glass plates


  • Extensive experience in interferometric measurement techniques
  • Use of diffractive elements (beam splitters, null elements, innovative designs)
  • Development of evaluation software for various measurement tasks


  • White light and 3-wavelength interferometers for the testing of discontinuous surface profiles in the micro region
  • Fizeau interferometer for the testing of plane and spherical surfaces
  • Twyman-Green interferometer for the testing of micro and macro lenses in reflected light (sphericity, radius)
  • Mach-Zehnder interferometer for the testing of micro lenses in transmitted light (wave aberrations, PSF, MTF, focal length, NA)
  • Grazing incidence interferometer for the testing of acylindrical lenses
  • Shack-Hartmann sensor for wavefront testing

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