Dr. Felix Köttig

Post-doctoral fellow

Room: A 2.322

Tel.: +49 9131 7133 258


Modulational-instability-free pulse compression in anti-resonant hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

Felix Köttig, Francesco Tani, Philip Russell

Optics Letters 45(14) 4044-4047 (2020) | Journal

Sub-two-cycle octave-spanning mid-infrared fiber laser

Jiapeng Huang, Meng Pang, Xin Jiang, Felix Köttig, Daniel Schade, Wenbin He, Martin Butryn, Philip Russell

Optica 7(6) 574-579 (2020) | Journal

Efficient single-cycle pulse compression of an ytterbium fiber laser at 10 MHz repetition rate

Felix Köttig, Daniel Schade, Johannes Köhler, Philip Russell, Francesco Tani

Optics Express 28(7) 9099-9110 (2020) | Journal

Pump-Probe Study of Plasma Dynamics in Gas-Filled Photonic Crystal Fiber Using Counterpropagating Solitons

Mallika Irene Suresh, Felix Köttig, Johannes Köhler, Francesco Tani, Philip Russell

Physical Review Applied 12 064015 1-6 (2019) | Journal

Carrier-envelope-phase-stable soliton-based pulse compression to 4.4  fs and ultraviolet generation at the 800  kHz repetition rate

Alexey Ermolov, Christian Heide, Philip Dienstbier, Felix Köttig, Francesco Tani, Peter Hommelhoff, Philip Russell

Optics Letters 44(20) 5005-5008 (2019) | Journal

Long-Lived Refractive-Index Changes Induced by Femtosecond Ionization in Gas-Filled Single-Ring Photonic-Crystal Fibers

Johannes R. Koehler, Felix Köttig, Barbara M. Trabold, Francesco Tani, Philip St. J. Russell

Physical Review Applied 10(6) 064020 1-5 (2018) | Journal

Effect of anti-crossings with cladding resonances on ultrafast nonlinear dynamics in gas-filled photonic crystal fibers

Francesco Tani, Felix Köttig, David Novoa, Ralf Keding, Philip Russell

Photonics Research 6(2) 84-88 (2018) | Journal

High average power and single-cycle pulses from a mid-IR optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier

Ugaitz Elu, Matthias Baudisch, Hugo Pires, Francesco Tani, Michael H. Frosz, Felix Koettig, Alexey Ermolov, Philip St J. Russell, Jens Biegert

OPTICA 4(9) 1024-1029 (2017) | Journal

PHz-Wide Spectral Interference Through Coherent Plasma-Induced Fission of Higher-Order Solitons

F. Koettig, F. Tani, J. C. Travers, P. St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 118(26) 263902 (2017) | Journal

Mid-infrared dispersive wave generation in gas-filled photonic crystal fibre by transient ionization-driven changes in dispersion

F. Koettig, D. Novoa, F. Tani, M. C. Guenendi, M. Cassataro, J. C. Travers, P. St. J. Russell

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 8 813 (2017) | Journal

Generation of microjoule pulses in the deep ultraviolet at megahertz repetition rates

Felix Koettig, Francesco Tani, Christian Martens-Biersach, John C. Travers, Philip St J. Russell

OPTICA 4(10) 1272-1276 (2017) | Journal

Extremely broadband single-shot cross-correlation frequency-resolved optical gating using a transient grating as gate and dispersive element

H. Valtna-Lukner, F. Belli, A. Ermolov, F. Koettig, K. F. Mak, F. Tani, J. C. Travers, P. St. J. Russell

REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 88(7) 073106 (2017) | Journal

Broadband electric-field-induced LP01 and LP02 second harmonic generation in Xe-filled hollow-core PCF

Jean-Michel Menard, Felix Köttig, Philip St. J. Russell

Optics Letters 41(16) 3795-3798 (2016) | Journal

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