Dr. Jan Renger

  • Senior Scientist
  • Room: A.3.232
  • Telephone: +49 9131 7133341
  • E-mail

My main focus is on tailored optical properties at the micro- and nanoscale for quantum optics and biophotonics experiments.

Nanoscopic charge fluctuations in a gallium phosphide waveguide measured by single molecules

Alexey Shkarin, Dominik Rattenbacher, Jan Renger, Simon Hönl, Tobias Utikal, Paul Seidler, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Physical Review Letters 126 133602 (2021) | Journal

Partial cloaking of a gold particle by a single molecule

Johannes Zirkelbach, Benjamin Gmeiner, Jan Renger, Pierre Türschmann, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Physical Review Letters 125 103603 (2020) | Journal

suggested by editors

Coherent coupling of single molecules to on-chip ring resonators

Dominik Rattenbacher, Alexey Shkarin, Jan Renger, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

New Journal of Physics 21 062002 (2019) | Journal

Nanoprinting organic molecules at the quantum level

Claudio U. Hail, Christian Höller, Korenobu Matsuzaki, Patrik Rohner, Jan Renger, Vahid Sandoghdar, Dimos Poulikakos, Hadi Eghlidi

Nature Communications 10 1880 (2019) | Journal

Chip-Based All-Optical Control of Single Molecules Coherently Coupled to a Nanoguide

Pierre Tuerschmann, Nir Rotenberg, Jan Renger, Irina Harder, Olga Lohse, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nano Letters 17 4941-4945 (2017) | Journal

Pushing the Photon Limit: Nanoantennas Increase Maximal Photon Stream and Total Photon Number

Emilie Wientjes, Jan Renger, Richard Cogdell, Niek F. van Hulst

JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 7(9) 1604-1609 (2016) | Journal

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