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Tunable and state-preserving frequency conversion of single photons in hydrogen

Rinat Tyumenev, Jonas Hammer, Nicolas Joly, Philip St.J. Russell, David Novoa

Science 376(6593) 621-624 (2022) | Journal

Optomechanical cooling and self-stabilization of a waveguide coupled to a whispering-gallery-mode resonator

Riccardo Pennetta, Shangran Xie, Richard Zeltner, Jonas Hammer, Philip Russell

Photonics Research 8(6) 844-851 (2020) | Journal

Progress toward third-order parametric down-conversion in optical fibers

A. Cavanna, J. Hammer, C. Okoth, E. Ortiz-Ricardo, H. Cruz-Ramirez, K. Garay-Palmett, A. B. U’Ren, M. Frosz, X. Jiang, et al.

Physical Review A 101 033840 (2020) | Journal

Broadly tunable photon-pair generation in a suspended-core fiber

Jonas Hammer, Maria V. Chekhova, Daniel Häupl, Riccardo Pennetta, Nicolas Y. Joly

Physical Review Research 2(1) 012079(R) (2020) | Journal | PDF

Dispersion tuning in sub-micron tapers for third-harmonic and photon triplet generation

Jonas Hammer, Andrea Cavanna, Riccardo Pennetta, Maria Chekhova, Philip St. J. Russell, Nicolas Joly

Optics Letters 43(10) 2320-2323 (2018) | Journal

Single-shot reconstruction of spectral amplitude and phase in a fiber ring cavity at a 80 MHz repetition rate

Jonas Hammer, Pooria Hosseini, Curtis R. Menyuk, Philip St. J. Russell, Nicolas Y. Joly

OPTICS LETTERS 41(20) 4641-4644 (2016) | Journal

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