M. Sc. Michael Reitz

  • Doctoral student
  • Genes Research Group
  • Room A.1.236
  • Phone +49 9131 7133620
  • Email 

Research interests

  • Light-matter interaction at the nanoscale
  • Quantum optics with molecular systems
  • Collective & cooperative effects in quantum many-body open systems

Floquet engineering of molecular dynamics via infrared coupling

Michael Reitz, Claudiu Genes

The Journal of Chemical Physics 153 234305 (2020) | Journal

Molecular polaritonics in dense mesoscopic disordered ensembles

Christian Sommer, Michael Reitz, Francesca Mineo, Claudiu Genes

arXiv: 2010.07155 (2020) Preprint

Molecule-photon interactions in phononic environments

Michael Reitz, Christian Sommer, Burak Gürlek, Vahid Sandoghdar, Diego-Martin Cano, Claudiu Genes

Physical Review Research 2 033270 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Langevin Approach to Quantum Optics with Molecules

Michael Reitz, Christian Sommer, Claudiu Genes

Physical Review Letters 122 203602 (2019) | Journal

Enhanced collective Purcell effect of coupled quantum emitter systems

David Plankensteiner, Christian Sommer, Michael Reitz, Helmut Ritsch, Claudiu Genes

Physical Review A 99(4) 043843 (2019) | Journal

Energy transfer and correlations in cavity-embedded donor-acceptor configurations

Michael Reitz, Francesca Mineo, Claudiu Genes

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8 9050 (2018) | Journal | PDF

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