Franz Wieser M.Sc.

  • Doctoral Student
  • Room: A.3.248
  • Telephone: +49 9131 7133342
  • E-mail

My research focuses on the development and application of single-molecule fluorescence techniques at low temperatures. In particular, I exploit the superior photophysical properties of organic dyes in a cryogenic environment to perform ultrahigh-resolution microscopy at the Angstrom level, where the structure of individual biomolecules becomes accessible.

  • Nanoparticle detection in an open-access silicon microcavity
    S. Kuhn, G. Wachter, F.-F. Wieser, J. Millem, M. Schneider, J. Schalko, U. Schmid, M. Trupke and M. Arndt
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 253107 (2017) | Journal

An optofluidic antenna for enhancing the sensitivity of single-emitter measurements

Luis Morales-Inostroza, Julian Folz, Ralf Kühnemuth, Suren Felekyan, Franz Wieser, Claus A.M. Seidel, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar (2023)

Deciphering a hexameric protein complex with Angstrom optical resolution

Hisham Mazal, Franz Wieser, Vahid Sandoghdar

eLife 11 e76308 (2022) | Journal

Polarization-Encoded Colocalization Microscopy at Cryogenic Temperatures

Daniel Böning, Franz Wieser, Vahid Sandoghdar

ACS Photonics 8 194-201 (2020) | Journal

Since 2017
PhD in Physics, MPI Erlangen

09/2015 – 09/2017
MSc. in Physics, University of Vienna, Austria
Optical cooling of silicon nanoparticles in a microcavity, M. Arndt

Visiting student, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Design of magnetic fields for cold atoms experiments, H.C. Nägerl

03/2014 – 09/2015
BSc. in Physics, University of Vienna, Austria
Development of cold molecular beam sources for biomolecules, biomolecular clusters and nanoparticles, M. Arndt

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