Dr. Navid Bonakdar

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Room: A.3.222
  • Telephone: +49 9131 7133333
  • E-mail

Production of Isolated Giant Unilamellar Vesicles under High Salt Concentrations

Hannah Stein, Susann Spindler, Navid Bonakdar, Chun Wang, Vahid Sandoghdar

FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY 8 63 (2017) | Journal

Mechanical plasticity of cells

Navid Bonakdar, Richard Gerum, Michael Kuhn, Marina Spoerrer, Anna Lippert, Werner Schneider, Katerina E. Aifantis, Ben Fabry

NATURE MATERIALS 15(10) 1090-+ (2016) | Journal

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