Dr. rer. nat. Peter Banzer

Peter is interested in nano- and nonparaxial optics, structured light-matter interactions, spin-orbit coupling and plasmonics at the nanoscale, angular momenta of light, the generation and description of spatial and vectorial modes of the light field and their application and utilization in imaging, sensing and quantum optics. His research has a special emphasis on highly confined vectorial light beams.

Microsphere kinematics from the polarization of tightly focused nonseparable light

Stefan Berg-Johansen, Martin Neugebauer, Andrea Aiello, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer, Christoph Marquardt

Optics Express 29(8) 12429-12439 (2021) | Journal | PDF

Polarization of Light: In Classical, Quantum, and Nonlinear Optics

Maria V. Chekhova, Peter Banzer

(2021) | Journal

Transverse spinning of unpolarized light

Jörg Eismann, L.H Nicholls, D. J. Roth, M. A. Alonso, Peter Banzer, F. J. Rodríguez-Fortuño, A. V. Zayats, F. Nori, K. Y. Bliokh

Nature Photonics (2020) | Journal | PDF

Toward a Corrected Knife-Edge-Based Reconstruction of Tightly Focused Higher Order Beams

Sergejus Orlovas, Christian Huber, Pavel Marchenko, Peter Banzer, Gerd Leuchs

Frontiers in Physics 8 527734 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Ultrafast spinning twisted ribbons of confined electric fields

Thomas Bauer, Svetlana N. Khonina, Ilya Golub, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Optica 7(10) 1228-1231 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Toward High‐Speed Nanoscopic Particle Tracking via Time‐Resolved Detection of Directional Scattering

Paul Beck, Martin Neugebauer, Peter Banzer

Laser & Photonics Reviews 2000110 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Hybrid Orthorhombic Carbon Flakes Intercalated with Bimetallic Au-Ag Nanoclusters: Influence of Synthesis Parameters on Optical Properties

Muhammad Abdullah Butt, Daria Mamonova, Yuri Petrov, Alexandra Proklova, Ilya Kritchenkov, Alina Manshina, Peter Banzer, Gerd Leuchs

Nanomaterials 10(7) 1376 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Towards fully integrated photonic displacement sensors

Ankan Bag, Martin Neugebauer, Uwe Mick, Sillke Christiansen, Sebastian A Schulz, Peter Banzer

Nature Communications 11 2915 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Chiral Surface Lattice Resonances

Eric S. A. Goerlitzer, Reza Mohammadi, Sergey Nechayev, Kirsten Volk, Marcel Rey, Peter Banzer, Matthias Karg, Nicolas Vogel

Advanced Materials (2020) | Journal

Towards Polarization-based Excitation Tailoring for Extended Raman Spectroscopy

Simon Grosche, Richard Hünermann, George Sarau, Silke Christiansen, Robert W. Boyd, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Optics Express 28(7) 10239-10252 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Shaping Field Gradients for Nanolocalization

Sergey Nechayev, Jörg Eismann, Martin Neugebauer, Peter Banzer

ACS Photonics 7(3) 581-587 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Spin-orbit coupling affecting the evolution of transverse spin

Jörg Eismann, Peter Banzer, Martin Neugebauer

Physical Review Research 1(3) 033143-1-033143-4 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Interaction of light carrying orbital angular momentum with a chiral dipolar scatterer

Pawel Wozniak, Israel De León, Katja Höflich, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Optica 6(8) 961-965 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Emission of circularly polarized light by a linear dipole

Martin Neugebauer, Peter Banzer, Sergey Nechayev

Science Advances 5(6) (2019) | Journal

Vectorial vortex generation and phase singularities upon Brewster reflection

Rene Barczyk, Sergey Nechayev, Muhammad Abdullah Butt, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Physical Review A 99(6) 063820 063820-1- 063820-8 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Experimental demonstration of linear and spinning Janus dipoles for polarisation and wavelength selective near-field coupling

M. F. Picardi, Martin Neugebauer, Jörg Eismann, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer, F. J. Rodriguez-Fortuno, A. V. Zayats

Light: Science & Applications 8(1) 52 (2019) 1-7 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Mimicking Chiral Light-Matter Interaction

Sergey Nechayev, Peter Banzer

Physical Review B 99(24) 241101(R) 241101-1- 241101-6 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Large-Area 3D Plasmonic Crescents with Tunable Chirality

Eric S. A. Goerlitzer, Reza Mohammadi, Sergey Nechayev, Peter Banzer, Nicolas Vogel

Advanced Optical Materials 1801770 (2019) | Journal

Multi-twist polarization ribbon topologies in highly-confined optical fields

Thomas Bauer, Peter Banzer, Frédéric Bouchard, Sergej Orlov, Lorenzo Marrucci, Enrico Santamato, Robert W Boyd, Ebrahim Karimi, Gerd Leuchs

New Journal of Physics 21 053020 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Substrate-Induced Chirality in an Individual Nanostructure

Sergey Nechayev, Rene Barczyk, Uwe Mick, Peter Banzer

ACS Photonics (2019) | Journal | PDF

Investigating the Optical Properties of a Laser Induced 3D Self‐Assembled Carbon–Metal Hybrid Structure

Muhammad Abdullah Butt, Antonino Calà Lesina, Martin Neugebauer, Thomas Bauer, Lora Ramunno, Alessandro Vaccari, Pierre Berini, Yuriy Petrov, Denis Danilov, et al.

Small 15(18) 1900512 1900512-1-1900512-9 (2019) | Journal

Huygens' Dipole for Polarization-Controlled Nanoscale Light Routing

Sergey Nechayev, Jörg Eismann, Martin Neugebauer, Pawel Wozniak, Ankan Bag, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Physical Review A 99(4) 041801 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Orbital-to-Spin Angular Momentum Conversion Employing Local Helicity

Sergey Nechayev, Jörg Eismann, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Physical Review B 99(7) 075155 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Weak measurement enhanced spin Hall effect of light for particle displacement sensing

Martin Neugebauer, Sergey Nechayev, Martin Vorndran, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Nano Letters 19(1) 422-425 (2019) | Journal

Weak measurement of elliptical dipole moments by C point splitting

Sergey Nechayev, Martin Neugebauer, Martin Vorndran, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Physical Review Letters 121(24) 243903 (2018) | Journal | PDF

Transverse Kerker Scattering for Ångström Localization of Nanoparticles

Ankan Bag, Martin Neugebauer, Pawel Wozniak, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 121(19) 193902 (2018) | Journal | PDF

Exciting a chiral dipole moment in an achiral nanostructure

Jörg S. Eismann, Martin Neugebauer, Peter Banzer

OPTICA 5(8) 954-959 (2018) | Journal | PDF

Chirality of Symmetric Resonant Heterostructures

Sergey Nechayev, Pawel Wozniak, Martin Neugebauer, Rene Barczyk, Peter Banzer

Laser & Photonics Reviews 12(9) 1800109 (2018) | Journal | PDF

Chiroptical response of a single plasmonic nanohelix

Pawel Wozniak, Israel De Leon, Katja Hoeflich, Caspar Haverkamp, Silke Christiansen, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

OPTICS EXPRESS 26(15) 19275-19293 (2018) | Journal | PDF

Tailoring multipolar Mie scattering with helicity and angular momentum

Xavier Zambrana-Puyalto, Xavier Vidal, Pawel Wozniak, Peter Banzer, Gabriel Molina-Terriza

ACS Photonics 5(7 SI) 2936-2944 (2018) | Journal | PDF

Magnetic and Electric Transverse Spin Density of Spatially Confined Light

Martin Neugebauer, Jörg Eismann, Thomas Bauer, Peter Banzer

PHYSICAL REVIEW X 8(2) 021042 (2018) | Journal

Towards an integrated AlGaAs waveguide platform for phase and polarisation shaping

G Maltese, Y Halioua, A Lemaitre, C Gomez-Carbonell, E Karimi, Peter Banzer, S Ducci

Journal of Optics 20(5) 05LT01 (2018) | Journal | PDF

Roadmap on structured light

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Andrew Forbes, M. V. Berry, M. R. Dennis, David L. Andrews, Masud Mansuripur, Cornelia Denz, Christina Alpmann, Peter Banzer, et al.

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 19(1) 013001 (2017) | Journal

Free-space propagation of high-dimensional structured optical fields in an urban environment

Martin P. J. Lavery, Christian Peuntinger, Kevin Guenthner, Peter Banzer, Dominique Elser, Robert W. Boyd, Miles J. Padgett, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

SCIENCE ADVANCES 3(10) e1700552 (2017) | Journal

Free space excitation of coupled Anderson-localized modes in photonic crystal waveguides with polarization tailored beam

Ali Mahdavi, Paul Roth, Jolly Xavier, Taofiq K. Paraiso, Peter Banzer, Frank Vollmer

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 110(24) 241101 (2017) | Journal

Linear and angular momenta in tightly focused vortex segmented beams of light

Martin Neugebauer, Andrea Aiello, Peter Banzer

Chinese Optics Letters 15(3) 030003 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Experimental generation of amplitude squeezed vector beams

Vanessa Chille, Stefan Berg-Johansen, Marion Semmler, Peter Banzer, Andrea Aiello, Gerd Leuchs, Christoph Marquardt

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(11) 2385-2394 (2016) | Journal

Polarization-controlled directional scattering for nanoscopic position sensing

Martin Neugebauer, Pawel Wozniak, Ankan Bag, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7 11286 (2016) | Journal

Exotic looped trajectories of photons in three-slit interference

Omar S. Magana-Loaiza, Israel De Leon, Mohammad Mirhosseini, Robert Fickler, Akbar Safari, Uwe Mick, Brian McIntyre, Peter Banzer, Brandon Rodenburg, et al.

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7 13987 (2016) | Journal

Tighter spots of light with superposed orbital-angular-momentum beams

Pawel Wozniak, Peter Banzer, Frederic Bouchard, Ebrahim Karimi, Gerd Leuchs, Robert W. Boyd

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 94(2) 021803 (2016) | Journal

The ubiquitous photonic wheel

Andrea Aiello, Peter Banzer

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 18(8) 085605 (2016) | Journal

Single-mode squeezing in arbitrary spatial modes

Marion Semmler, Stefan Berg-Johansen, Vanessa Chille, Christian Gabriel, Peter Banzer, Andrea Aiello, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(7) 7633-7642 (2016) | Journal

Chiral optical response of planar and symmetric nanotrimers enabled by heteromaterial selection

Peter Banzer, Pawel Wozniak, Uwe Mick, Israel De Leon, Robert W. Boyd

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7 13117 (2016) | Journal

Optical Polarization Mobius Strips and Points of Purely Transverse Spin Density

Thomas Bauer, Martin Neugebauer, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(1) 013601 (2016) | Journal

Lateral spin transport in paraxial beams of light

Martin Neugebauer, Simon Grosche, Sergej Rothau, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

OPTICS LETTERS 41(15) 3499-3502 (2016) | Journal

Strong, spectrally-tunable chirality in diffractive metasurfaces

Israel De Leon, Matthew J. Horton, Sebastian A. Schulz, Jeremy Upham, Peter Banzer, Robert W. Boyd

Scientific Reports 5 13034 (2015) | Journal

Observation of optical polarization Mobius strips

Thomas Bauer, Peter Banzer, Ebrahim Karimi, Sergej Orlov, Andrea Rubano, Lorenzo Marrucci, Enrico Santamato, Robert W. Boyd, Gerd Leuchs

SCIENCE 347(6225) 964-966 (2015) | Journal

Classically entangled optical beams for high-speed kinematic sensing

Stefan Berg-Johansen, Falk Toeppel, Birgit Stiller, Peter Banzer, Marco Ornigotti, Elisabeth Giacobino, Gerd Leuchs, Andrea Aiello, Christoph Marquardt

OPTICA 2(10) 864-868 (2015) | Journal

Selective switching of individual multipole resonances in single dielectric nanoparticles

Pawel Wozniak, Peter Banzer, Gerd Leuchs

LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS 9(2) 231-240 (2015) | Journal

Quantum uncertainty in the beam width of spatial optical modes

Vanessa Chille, Peter Banzer, Andrea Aiello, Gerd Leuchs, Christoph Marquardt, Nicolas Treps, Claude Fabre

OPTICS EXPRESS 23(25) 32777-32787 (2015) | Journal

Measuring the Transverse Spin Density of Light

Martin Neugebauer, Thomas Bauer, Andrea Aiello, Peter Banzer

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114(6) 063901 (2015) | Journal

Exploiting cellophane birefringence to generate radially and azimuthally polarised vector beams

Johnston Kalwe, Martin Neugebauer, Calvine Ominde, Gerd Leuchs, Geoffrey Rurimo, Peter Banzer

EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 36(2) 025011 (2015) | Journal

Towards an optical far-field measurement of higher-order multipole contributions to the scattering response of nanoparticles

Thomas Bauer, Sergej Orlov, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 106(9) 091108 (2015) | Journal

From transverse angular momentum to photonic wheels

Andrea Aiello, Peter Banzer, Martin Neugebauer, Gerd Leuchs

NATURE PHOTONICS 9(12) 789-795 (2015)

Generation and subwavelength focusing of longitudinal magnetic fields in a metallized fiber tip

Daniel Ploss, Arian Kriesch, Hannes Pfeifer, Peter Banzer, Ulf Peschel

OPTICS EXPRESS 22(11) 13744-13754 (2014) | Journal

Polarization Tailored Light Driven Directional Optical Nanobeacon

Martin Neugebauer, Thomas Bauer, Peter Banzer, Gerd Leuchs

NANO LETTERS 14(5) 2546-2551 (2014) | Journal

Geometric spin Hall effect of light in tightly focused polarization-tailored light beams

Martin Neugebauer, Peter Banzer, Thomas Bauer, Sergej Orlov, Norbert Lindlein, Andrea Aiello, Gerd Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 89(1) 013840 (2014) | Journal

Observation of the Geometric Spin Hall Effect of Light

Jan Korger, Andrea Aiello, Vanessa Chille, Peter Banzer, Christoffer Wittmann, Norbert Lindlein, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112(11) 113902 (2014) | Journal

Nanointerferometric amplitude and phase reconstruction of tightly focused vector beams

Thomas Bauer, Sergej Orlov, Ulf Peschel, Peter Banzer, Gerd Leuchs

NATURE PHOTONICS 8(1) 24-28 (2014) | Journal

The polarization properties of a tilted polarizer

Jan Korger, Tobias Kolb, Peter Banzer, Andrea Aiello, Christoffer Wittmann, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

OPTICS EXPRESS 21(22) 27032-27042 (2013) | Journal

Enhanced Raman Scattering of Graphene using Arrays of Split Ring Resonators

George Sarau, Basudev Lahiri, Peter Banzer, Priti Gupta, Arnab Bhattacharya, Frank Vollmer, Silke Christiansen

ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS 1(2) 151-157 (2013) | Journal

Resonant metamaterials for contrast enhancement in optical lithography

Sabine Dobmann, Dzmitry Shyroki, Peter Banzer, Andreas Erdmann, Ulf Peschel

OPTICS EXPRESS 20(18) 19928-19935 (2012) | Journal

Waveguide properties of single subwavelength holes demonstrated with radially and azimuthally polarized light

J. Müller, Peter Banzer, Susanne Quabis, Ulf Peschel, Gerd Leuchs

Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 84(4) 517-520 (2007) | Journal

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