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Synchronization of gigahertz core resonances in multiple photonic crystal fiber cores by timing-modulated harmonic mode locking

Dung-Han Yeh, Wenbin He, Meng Pang, Xin Jiang, Philip St.J. Russell

Optica 8(12) 1581-1585 (2021) | Journal

Progress toward third-order parametric down-conversion in optical fibers

A. Cavanna, J. Hammer, C. Okoth, E. Ortiz-Ricardo, H. Cruz-Ramirez, K. Garay-Palmett, A. B. U’Ren, M. Frosz, X. Jiang, et al.

Physical Review A 101 033840 (2020) | Journal

Pulse-repetition-rate tuning of a harmonically mode-locked fiber laser using a tapered photonic crystal fiber

Dung-Han Yeh, Wenbin He, Meng Pang, Xin Jiang, Gordon K. L. Wong, Philip St J. Russell

Optics Letters 44(7) 1580-1583 (2019) | Journal

Three-dimensional holographic optical manipulation through a high-numerical-aperture soft-glass multimode fibre

Ivo T. Leite, Sergey Turtaev, Xin Jiang, Martin Siler, Alfred Cuschieri, Philip St. J. Russell, Tomas Cizmar

NATURE PHOTONICS 12(1) 33-39 (2018) | Journal

Photochemistry in a soft-glass single-ring hollow-core photonic crystal fibre

Ana M. Cubillas, Xin Jiang, Tijmen G. Euser, Nicola Taccardi, Bastian J. M. Etzold, Peter Wasserscheid, Philip St. J. Russell

ANALYST 142(6) 925-929 (2017) | Journal

Hybrid photonic-crystal fiber for single-mode phase matched generation of third harmonic and photon triplets

Andrea Cavanna, Felix Just, Xin Jiang, Gerd Leuchs, Maria V. Chekhova, Philip St. J. Russell, Nicolas Y. Joly

OPTICA 3(9) 952-955 (2016) | Journal

High-resolution wavefront shaping with a photonic crystal fiber for multimode fiber imaging

Lyubov V. Amitonova, Adrien Descloux, Joerg Petschulat, Michael H. Frosz, Goran Ahmed, Fehim Babic, Xin Jiang, Allard P. Mosk, Philip St. J. Russell, et al.

OPTICS LETTERS 41(3) 497-500 (2016) | Journal

Solid-core and hollow-core photonic crystal fiber for generation of bright ultraviolet light (Conference Presentation)

Nicolas Y. Joly, Xin Jiang, John C. Travers, Alexey Ermolov, Philip St. J. Russell

Proceedings of SPIE 9926 (2016) | Journal

All-optical bit storage in a fibre laser by optomechanically bound states of solitons

M. Pang, W. He, X. Jiang, P. St. J. Russell

NATURE PHOTONICS 10(7) 454-+ (2016) | Journal

Supercontinuum generation in ZBLAN glass photonic crystal fiber with six nanobore cores

Xin Jiang, Nicolas Y. Joly, Martin A. Finger, Fehim Babic, Meng Pang, Rafal Sopalla, Michael H. Frosz, Samuel Poulain, Marcel Poulain, et al.

OPTICS LETTERS 41(18) 4245-4248 (2016) | Journal

Engineering of a Ge-Te-Se glass fibre evanescent wave spectroscopic (FEWS) mid-IR chemical sensor for the analysis of food and pharmaceutical products

Xin Jiang, Animesh Jha

SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 206 159-169 (2015) | Journal

Stable subpicosecond soliton fiber laser passively mode-locked by gigahertz acoustic resonance in photonic crystal fiber core

M. Pang, X. Jiang, W. He, G. K. L. Wong, G. Onishchukov, N. Y. Joly, G. Ahmed, C. R. Menyuk, P. St J. Russell

OPTICA 2(4) 339-342 (2015) | Journal

Deep-ultraviolet to mid-infrared supercontinuum generated in solid-core ZBLAN photonic crystal fibre

Xin Jiang, Nicolas Y. Joly, Martin A. Finger, Fehim Babic, Gordon K. L. Wong, John C. Travers, Philip St J. Russell

NATURE PHOTONICS 9(2) 133-139 (2015) | Journal

Orbital-angular-momentum-preserving helical Bloch modes in twisted photonic crystal fiber

X. M. Xi, G. K. L. Wong, M. H. Frosz, F. Babic, G. Ahmed, X. Jiang, T. G. Euser, P. St. J. Russell

OPTICA 1(3) 165-169 (2014) | Journal

Rare-earth ion doped TeO2 and GeO2 glasses as laser materials

Animesh Jha, Billy Richards, Gin Jose, Toney Teddy-Fernandez, Purushottam Joshi, Xin Jiang, Joris Lousteau

PROGRESS IN MATERIALS SCIENCE 57(8) 1426-1491 (2012) | Journal

Single-mode hollow-core photonic crystal fiber made from soft glass

X. Jiang, T. G. Euser, A. Abdolvand, F. Babic, F. Tani, N. Y. Joly, J. C. Travers, P. St J. Russell

OPTICS EXPRESS 19(16) 15438-15444 (2011) | Journal

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