IT & Software Development Department

The IT & Software Development Department is responsible for providing support and assistance for all MPL members on different areas including: 

- E-Mail and Calendar Services
- Software and Hardware
- Account Administration
- Multimedia 
- Printing 
- Computing Services
- Data Storage and Backup
- Communications and Network

IT Service Desk
Our Service Desk is here to help you and provide support on all your IT related issues. The most common service requests include: 

- Issues with your account
- Support for Hardware and Software problems
- Network connectivity issues
- Setting up your computer or office programs


Software Development
In addition, the department offers services in the field of software development:

- development of software for administrative and scientific departments
- training in modern software development methodologies for the scientific departments

Head of Department

Dr. Matthias Bär

Phone: +49(0) 9131 7133 850

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