Here you can find current and past courses held by Vahid Sandoghdar and Stephan Götzinger.


Furthermore, you can find two undergraduate-level courses on Fundamentals of Optics and on Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy recorded at MPL as an online resource. These can be accessed on the MPL tube.

Current courses:

Experimentalphysik 3 für Physiker: Optik und Quantenphänomene

Prof. Dr. Vahid Sandoghdar

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BioImaging & Biophysics (ILS-MA-I1A)

Prof. Dr. Vahid Sandoghdar

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Modern Optics 1: Advanced Optics

Prof. Dr. Stephan Götzinger, Dr. Pascal Del'Haye


Modern Optics 3: Quantum Optics

Prof. Dr. Stephan Götzinger

Past courses

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WS 2019/20

SS 2019

WS 2018/19

SS 2018

WS 2017/18

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WS 2016/17

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WS 2015/16

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