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Experimental investigation of high-dimensional quantum key distribution protocols with twisted photons

Frédéric Bouchard, Khabat Heshami, Duncan England, Robert Fickler, Robert W. Boyd, Berthold-Georg Englert, Luis Sanchez-Soto, Ebrahim Karimi

Quantum 2 (2018) | Journal

Tempering Rayleigh’s curse with PSF shaping

Martin Paúr, Bohumil Stoklasa, Jai Grover, Andrej Krzic, Luis Sanchez-Soto, Zdeněk Hradil, Jaroslav Řeháček

Optica 5(10) 1177-1180 (2018) | Journal

Optimal measurements for quantum spatial superresolution

J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, D. Koutny, J. Grover, A. Krzic, Luis Sanchez-Soto

Physical Review A 98(1) 012103 (2018) | Journal

Testing for entanglement with periodic coarse-graining

Daniel S. Tasca, Łukasz Rudnicki, Reuben S. Aspden, Miles J. Padgett, Paulo H. Souto Ribeiro, Stephen P. Walborn

Physical Review A 97(4) 042312 (2018) | PDF

Residual and Destroyed Accessible Information after Measurements

Rui Han, Gerd Leuchs, Markus Grassl

Phys. Rev. Lett. 120 (2018) | Journal

Polarimetric purity and the concept of degree of polarization

José J. Gil, Andreas Norrman, Ari T. Friberg, Tero Setälä

Phys. Rev. A 97 (2018) | Journal

Uncertainty-reality complementarity and entropic uncertainty relations

Łukasz Rudnicki


Majorization uncertainty relations for mixed quantum states

Zbigniew Puchała, Łukasz Rudnicki, Aleksandra Krawiec, Karol Życzkowski

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51(17) (2018)

Gauge invariant information concerning quantum channels

Łukasz Rudnicki, Zbigniew Puchała, Karol Zyczkowski

Quantum 2 (2018) | Journal

The Geometrical Basis of PT Symmetry

Luis Sanchez-Soto, Juan J. Monzon

SYMMETRY-BASEL 10(10) 494 (2018) | Journal


Fibonacci-Lucas SIC-POVMs

Markus Grassl, Andrew J. Scott

Journal of Mathematical Physics 58 122201 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Efficient tomography with unknown detectors

L. Motka, M. Paur, J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

Quantum Sci. Technol. 2, 035003 (2017) 2(3) UNSP 035003 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Temporal and spectral properties of quantum light

B. Stiller, U. Seyfarth, G. Leuchs, C. Fabre, V. Sandoghdar, N. Treps, L.F. Cugliandolo

Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics 169-227 (2017) | Book Chapter | PDF

Codes for Simultaneous Transmission of Quantum and Classical Information

M. Grassl, Sirui Lu, Bei Zeng

Proceedings 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT 2017) | Journal | PDF

Complementarity and Polarization Modulation in Photon Interference

Andreas Norrman, Kasimir Blomstedt, Tero Setala, Ari T. Friberg

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119(4) 040401 (2017) | Journal

Extracting the physical sector of quantum states

D. Mogilevtsev, Y. S. Teo, J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, J. Tiedau, R. Kruse, G. Harder, C. Silberhorn, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 19 093008 (2017) | Journal

Lempel-Ziv Complexity of Photonic Quasicrystals

Juan J. Monzon, Angel Felipe, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto

CRYSTALS 7(7) 183 (2017) | Journal

Unraveling beam self-healing

Andrea Aiello, Girish S. Agarwal, Martin Paur, Bohumil Stoklasa, Zdenek Hradil, Jaroslav Rehacek, Pablo de la Hoz, Gerd Leuchs, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto

Optics Express 25(16) 19147-19157 (2017) | Journal | PDF

Experimental detection of entanglement polytopes via local filters

Yuan-Yuan Zhao, Markus Grassl, Bei Zeng, Guo-Yong Xiang, Chao Zhang, Chuan-Feng Li, Guang-Can Guo

NPJ QUANTUM INFORMATION 3 11 (2017) | Journal

Discrete phase-space structures and Wigner functions for N qubits

C. Munoz, A. B. Klimov, L. Sanchez-Soto



Quantum technology: from research to application

Wolfgang P. Schleich, Kedar S. Ranade, Christian Anton, Markus Arndt, Markus Aspelmeyer, Manfred Bayer, Gunnar Berg, Tommaso Calarco, Harald Fuchs, et al.

APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS 122(5) 130 (2016) | Journal

The many facets of the Fabry-Perot

Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, Juan J. Monzon, Gerd Leuchs

EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 37(6) 064001 (2016) | Journal

Codeword Stabilized Quantum Codes for Asymmetric Channels

Tyler Jackson, Markus Grassl, Bei Zeng

IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (2016)

Parsing polarization squeezing into Fock layers

Christian R. Mueller, Lars S. Madsen, Andrei B. Klimov, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, Gerd Leuchs, Christoph Marquardt, Ulrik L. Andersen

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 93(3) 033816 (2016) | Journal

Applying Grover's Algorithm to AES: Quantum Resource Estimates

Markus Grassl, Brandon Langenberg, Martin Roetteler, Rainer Steinwandt

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9606 (2016) | Journal

Multimode theory of single-photon subtraction

V. Averchenko, C. Jacquard, V. Thiel, C. Fabre, N. Treps

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 18 083042 (2016) | Journal

Achieving the ultimate optical resolution

Martin Paur, Bohumil Stoklasa, Zdenek Hradil, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, Jaroslav Rehacek

OPTICA 3(10) 1144-1147 (2016) | Journal

Concatenated Codes for Amplitude Damping

Tyler Jackson, Markus Grassl, Bei Zeng

IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (2016)

Implementing a neutral-atom controlled-phase gate with a single Rydberg pulse

Rui Han, Hui Khoon Ng, Berthold-Georg Englert

EPL 113(4) 40001 (2016) | Journal

Optical resolution from Fisher information

L. Motka, B. Stoklasa, M. D'Angelo, P. Facchi, A. Garuccio, Z. Hradil, S. Pascazio, F. V. Pepe, Y. S. Teo, et al.

EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS 131(5) 130 (2016) | Journal


Stars of the quantum Universe: extremal constellations on the Poincare sphere

Gunnar Bjork, Markus Grassl, Pablo de la Hoz, Gerd Leuchs, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICA SCRIPTA 90(10) 108008 (2015) | Journal

Extremal quantum states and their Majorana constellations

G. Bjork, A. B. Klimov, P. de la Hoz, M. Grassl, G. Leuchs, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92(3) 031801 (2015) | Journal

New Constructions of Codes for Asymmetric Channels via Concatenation

Markus Grassl, Peter W. Shor, Graeme Smith, John Smolin, Bei Zeng

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY 61(4) 1879-1886 (2015) | Journal

Experimental Realization of Quantum Tomography of Photonic Qudits via Symmetric Informationally Complete Positive Operator-Valued Measures

N. Bent, H. Qassim, A. A. Tahir, D. Sych, G. Leuchs, L. L. Sanchez-Soto, E. Karimi, R. W. Boyd

PHYSICAL REVIEW X 5(4) 041006 (2015) | Journal

Classical polarization multipoles: paraxial versus nonparaxial

P. de la Hoz, G. Bjork, H. de Guise, A. B. Klimov, G. Leuchs, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICA SCRIPTA 90 (2015) | Journal

Extremal states for photon number and quadratures as gauges for nonclassicality

Z. Hradil, J. Rehacek, P. de la Hoz, G. Leuchs, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91(4) 042128 (2015) | Journal

Least-bias state estimation with incomplete unbiased measurements

Jaroslav Rehacek, Zdenek Hradil, Yong Siah Teo, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, Hui Khoon Ng, Jing Hao Chai, Berthold-Georg Englert

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92(5) 052303 (2015) | Journal

Practical implementation of mutually unbiased bases using quantum circuits

U. Seyfarth, L. L. Sanchez-Soto, G. Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91(3) 032102 (2015) | Journal

Experimental violation of a Bell-like inequality with optical vortex beams

B. Stoklasa, L. Motka, J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, L. L. Sanchez-Soto, G. S. Agarwal

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 17 113046 (2015) | Journal

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