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Rare-earth ion doped TeO2 and GeO2 glasses as laser materials

Animesh Jha, Billy Richards, Gin Jose, Toney Teddy-Fernandez, Purushottam Joshi, Xin Jiang, Joris Lousteau

PROGRESS IN MATERIALS SCIENCE 57(8) 1426-1491 (2012) | Journal

Kagome hollow-core photonic crystal fiber probe for Raman spectroscopy

Petru Ghenuche, Silke Rammler, Nicolas Y. Joly, Michael Scharrer, Michael Frosz, Jerome Wenger, Philip St J. Russell, Herve Rigneault

OPTICS LETTERS 37(21) 4371-4373 (2012)

The role of self-trapped excitons and defects in the formation of nanogratings in fused silica

Soeren Richter, Fei Jia, Matthias Heinrich, Sven Doering, Ulf Peschel, Andreas Tuennermann, Stefan Nolte

OPTICS LETTERS 37(4) 482-484 (2012)

Resonant modulational instability and self-induced transmission effects in semiconductors: Maxwell-Bloch formalism

Oleksii A. Smyrnov, Fabio Biancalana

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 85(7) 075201 (2012) | Journal

A 2D Quantum Walk Simulation of Two-Particle Dynamics

Andreas Schreiber, Aurel Gabris, Peter P. Rohde, Kaisa Laiho, Martin Stefanak, Vaclav Potocek, Craig Hamilton, Igor Jex, Christine Silberhorn

SCIENCE 336(6077) 55-58 (2012) | Journal

Laser propulsion of microparticles in hollow-core photonic crystal fiber: a review of recent developments

T. G. Euser, O. A. Schmidt, M. K. Garbos, S. Unterkofler, P. St. J. Russell


Molecular Gating of Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors with Nonpolar Analytes

Yair Paska, Thomas Stelzner, Ossama Assad, Ulrike Tisch, Silke Christiansen, Hossam Haick

ACS NANO 6(1) 335-345 (2012) | Journal

Sub-kHz Linewidth of Crystalline Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator Stabilized Ring-Laser

M. Collodo, B. Sprenger, F. Sedlmeir, S. Svitlov, H. G. L. Schwefel, L. J. Wang

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (2012)

Continuously adjustable narrow-band heralded single photon source

Michael Foerstch, Josef Fuerst, Christoffer Wittmann, Dmitry Strekalov, Andrea Aiello, Christine Silberhorn, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (2012)

Recent Progress in Nonlinear Optomechanics in Micro structured Optical Fibers

Myeong Soo Kang, Anna Butsch, Philip St. J. Russell

International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks-ICTON (2012)

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