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Dynamical Casimir-Polder interaction between an atom and surface plasmons

Harald R. Haakh, Carsten Henkel, Salvatore Spagnolo, Lucia Rizzuto, Roberto Passante

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 89(2) 022509 (2014) | Journal

CW-pumped single-pass frequency comb generation by resonant optomechanical nonlinearity in dual-nanoweb fiber

A. Butsch, J. R. Koehler, R. E. Noskov, P. St. J. Russell

OPTICA 1(3) 158-164 (2014) | Journal

Light bullets in nonlinear waveguide arrays under the influence of dispersion and the Raman effect

Truong X. Tran, Dung C. Duong, Fabio Biancalana

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 90(2) 023857 (2014) | Journal

Selective excitation of higher order modes in hollow-core PCF via prism-coupling

Barbara M. Trabold, David Novoa, Amir Abdolvand, Philip St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 39(13) 3736-3739 (2014) | Journal

Diffraction-resisting Vortex Bessel beams with arbitrary trajectories

Ioannis D. Chremmos, Juanying Zhao, Demetrios N. Christodoulides, Zhigang Chen, Nikolaos K. Efremidis

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (2014)

Generalized Bessel beams with two indices

Marco Ornigotti, Andrea Aiello

OPTICS LETTERS 39(19) 5618-5621 (2014) | Journal

Spectrally resolved shot-to-shot nonlinear dynamics of a passive PCF ring cavity

M. J. Schmidberger, P. Hosseini, D. Novoa, A. Stetani, P. St J. Russell, N. V. Joly

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (2014)

Time-multiplexed measurements of nonclassical light at telecom wavelengths

G. Harder, C. Silberhorn, J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, L. Motka, B. Stoklasa, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 90(4) 042105 (2014) | Journal

All-Optical Signal Regeneration of Advanced Modulation Formats

Tobias Roethlingshoefer, Thomas Richter, Birgit Stiller, Georgy Onishchukov, Colja Schubert, Bernhard Schmauss, Gerd Leuchs

Proceedings of SPIE 8964 (2014) | Journal

Interface investigation of planar hybrid n-Si/PEDOT:PSS solar cells with open circuit voltages up to 645 mV and efficiencies of 12.6 %

Matthias Pietsch, Sara Jaeckle, Silke Christiansen


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