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Label-free optical detection of single enzyme-reactant reactions and associated conformational changes

Eugene Kim, Martin D. Baaske, Isabel Schuldes, Peter S. Wilsch, Frank Vollmer

Science Advances 3(3) e1603044 (2017) | Journal

Towards next-generation label-free biosensors: recent advances in whispering gallery mode sensors

Eugene Kim, Martin D. Baaske, Frank Vollmer

Lab on a Chip 17(7) 1190-1205 (2017) | Journal

Significant performance enhancement of InGaN/GaN nanorod LEDs with multi-layer graphene transparent electrodes by alumina surface passivation

Michael Latzel, P. Buettner, George Sarau, Katja Höflich, Martin Heilmann, W. Chen, X. Wen, G. Conibeer, Silke Christiansen

NANOTECHNOLOGY 28(5) 055201 (2016) | Journal

In Situ Observation of Single-Molecule Surface Reactions from Low to High Affinities

Eugene Kim, Martin D. Baaske, Frank Vollmer

Advanced Materials 28(45) 9941-9948 (2016) | Journal

Single-shot reconstruction of spectral amplitude and phase in a fiber ring cavity at a 80 MHz repetition rate

Jonas Hammer, Pooria Hosseini, Curtis R. Menyuk, Philip St. J. Russell, Nicolas Y. Joly

OPTICS LETTERS 41(20) 4641-4644 (2016) | Journal

Compartmentalization and Transport in Synthetic Vesicles

Christine Schmitt, Anna H. Lippert, Navid Bonakdar, Vahid Sandoghdar, Lars M. Voll

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 4 19 (2016) | Journal

Noise-induced transitions in optomechanical synchronization

Talitha Weiss, Andreas Kronwald, Florian Marquardt

New Journal of Physics 18 013043 (2016) | Journal | PDF

Entanglement rate for Gaussian continuous variable beams

Zhi Jiao Deng, Steven J. M. Habraken, Florian Marquardt

New Journal of Physics 18 063022 (2016) | Journal | PDF

Unveiling the optical properties of a metamaterial synthesized by electron-beam-induced deposition

P. Wozniak, K. Hoeflich, G. Broenstrup, P. Banzer, S. Christiansen, G. Leuchs

NANOTECHNOLOGY 27(2) 025705 (2016) | Journal

Optical trapping of nanoparticles by full solid-angle focusing

Vsevolod Salakhutdinov, Markus Sondermann, Luigi Carbone, Elisabeth Giacobino, Alberto Bramati, Gerd Leuchs

OPTICA 3(11) 1181-1186 (2016) | Journal

Integrated plasmonic metasurfaces for spectropolarimetry

Wei Ting Chen, Peter Torok, Matthew R. Foreman, Chun Yen Liao, Wei-Yi Tsai, Pei Ru Wu, Din Ping Tsai

NANOTECHNOLOGY 27(22) 224002 (2016) | Journal

Tracking micro-optical resonances for identifying and sensing novel procaspase-3 protein marker released from cell cultures in response to toxins

Ying-Jen Chen, Wei Xiang, Jochen Klucken, Frank Vollmer

NANOTECHNOLOGY 27(16) 164001 (2016) | Journal

Experimental generation of amplitude squeezed vector beams

Vanessa Chille, Stefan Berg-Johansen, Marion Semmler, Peter Banzer, Andrea Aiello, Gerd Leuchs, Christoph Marquardt

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(11) 2385-2394 (2016) | Journal

Design of multi-layered TiO2-Fe2O3 photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting: patterning effects on photocurrent density

Myeongwhun Pyeon, Meng Wang, Yakup Goenuellue, Ali Kaouk, Sara Jaeckle, Silke Christiansen, Taejin Hwang, KyoungIl Moon, Sanjay Mathur

MRS COMMUNICATIONS 6(4) 442-448 (2016) | Journal

Spontaneous generation of singularities in paraxial optical fields

Andrea Aiello

OPTICS LETTERS 41(7) 1668-1671 (2016) | Journal

Extended hot carrier lifetimes observed in bulk In0.265 +/- 0.02Ga0.735N under high-density photoexcitation

Yi Zhang, Murad J. Y. Tayebjee, Suntrana Smyth, Miroslav Dvorak, Wen Xiaoming, Xia Hongze, Martin Heilmann, Liao Yuanxun, Zhang Zewen, et al.

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 108(13) 131904 (2016) | Journal

RF-dressed Rydberg atoms in hollow-core fibres

C. Veit, G. Epple, H. Kuebler, T. G. Euser, P. St J. Russell, R. Loew


Ring-shaped spectra of parametric downconversion and entangled photons that never meet

Kirill Yu. Spasibko, Denis A. Kopylov, Tatiana V. Murzina, Gerd Leuchs, Maria V. Chekhova

OPTICS LETTERS 41(12) 2827-2830 (2016) | Journal

The duality principle in the presence of postselection

Jonathan Leach, Eliot Bolduc, Filippo M. Miatto, Kevin Piche, Gerd Leuchs, Robert W. Boyd

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6 19944 (2016) | Journal

Towards Laser-based Photonic Chip Integrated Quantum Random Number Generators

M. Sabuncu

LASERS IN ENGINEERING 33(1-3) 117-127 (2016)

Influence of the substrate material on the knife-edge based profiling of tightly focused light beams

C. Huber, S. Orlov, P. Banzer, G. Leuchs

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(8) 8214-8227 (2016) | Journal

Gigahertz-repetition-rate Tm-doped fiber laser passively mode-locked by optoacoustic effects in nanobore photonic crystal fiber

M. Pang, W. He, P. St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 41(19) 4601-4604 (2016) | Journal

Engineering the Frequency Spectrum of Bright Squeezed Vacuum via Group Velocity Dispersion in an SU(1,1) Interferometer

Samuel Lemieux, Mathieu Manceau, Polina R. Sharapova, Olga V. Tikhonova, Robert W. Boyd, Gerd Leuchs, Maria V. Chekhova

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(18) 183601 (2016) | Journal

Detecting the spatial quantum uncertainty of bosonic systems

Vanessa Chille, Nicolas Treps, Claude Fabre, Gerd Leuchs, Christoph Marquardt, Andrea Aiello

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 18 093004 (2016) | Journal


M. Kozak, J. McNeur, N. Schoenenberger, A. Li, A. Tafel, P. Hommelhoff


Efficient single-photon absorption by a trapped moving atom

N. Trautmann, G. Alber, G. Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 94(3) 033832 (2016) | Journal

Optically Driven Self-Oscillations of a Silica Nanospike at Low Gas Pressures

Shangran Xie, Riccardo Pennetta, Roman E. Noskov, Philip St. J. Russell

Proceedings of SPIE 9922 (2016) | Journal

Nonlinear interferometer for tailoring the frequency spectrum of bright squeezed vacuum

T. Sh. Iskhakov, S. Lemieux, A. Perez, R. W. Boyd, G. Leuchs, M. V. Chekhova

JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS 63(1 SI) 64-70 (2016) | Journal

Visualization and ligand-induced modulation of dopamine receptor dimerization at the single molecule level

Alina Tabor, Siegfried Weisenburger, Ashutosh Banerjee, Nirupam Purkayastha, Jonas M. Kaindl, Harald Huebner, Luxi Wei, Teja W. Groemer, Johannes Kornhuber, et al.

Scientific Reports 6 33233 (2016) | Journal

Visualization of lipids and proteins at high spatial and temporal resolution via interferometric scattering (iSCAT) microscopy

Susann Spindler, Jens Ehrig, Katharina Koenig, Tristan Nowak, Marek Piliarik, Hannah E. Stein, Richard W. Taylor, Elisabeth Garanger, Sebastien Lecommandoux, et al.

Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics 49 274002 (2016) | Journal

Efficient microwave to optical photon conversion: an electro-optical realization

Alfredo Rueda, Florian Sedlmeir, Michele C. Collodo, Ulrich Vogl, Birgit Stiller, Gerhard Schunk, Dmitry V. Strekalov, Christoph Marquardt, Johannes M. Fink, et al.

OPTICA 3(6) 597-604 (2016) | Journal

Gold platelets for high-quality plasmonics A material with superior nanostructuring properties

Bjoern Hoffmann, Thorsten Feichtner, Silke Christiansen

MATERIALS TODAY 19(4) 240-241 (2016) | Journal

Parsing polarization squeezing into Fock layers

Christian R. Mueller, Lars S. Madsen, Andrei B. Klimov, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, Gerd Leuchs, Christoph Marquardt, Ulrik L. Andersen

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 93(3) 033816 (2016) | Journal

Tighter spots of light with superposed orbital-angular-momentum beams

Pawel Wozniak, Peter Banzer, Frederic Bouchard, Ebrahim Karimi, Gerd Leuchs, Robert W. Boyd

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 94(2) 021803 (2016) | Journal

Endlessly single-mode photonic crystal fiber as a high resolution probe

Heli Valtna-Lukner, Jaagup Repan, Sandhra-Mirella Valdma, Peeter Piksarv

APPLIED OPTICS 55(33) 9407-9411 (2016) | Journal

The ubiquitous photonic wheel

Andrea Aiello, Peter Banzer

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 18(8) 085605 (2016) | Journal

Design of a quasi-2D photonic crystal optomechanical cavity with tunable, large chi(2)-coupling

M. Kalaee, T. K. Paraiso, H. Pfeifer, O. Painter

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(19) 21308-21328 (2016) | Journal

Long-range optical binding in a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber using higher order modes

Dmitry S. Bykov, Richard Zeltner, Tijmen G. Euser, Shangran Xie, Philip St. J. Russell

Proceedings of SPIE 9922 (2016) | Journal

Reducing losses in solid-core photonic crystal fibers using chlorine dehydration

Michael H. Frosz, Goran Ahmed, Nadezda Lapshina, Ralf Keding, Fehim Babic, Nicolas Y. Joly, Philip St. J. Russell

OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS 6(9) UNSP 268413 (2016) | Journal

Single-mode squeezing in arbitrary spatial modes

Marion Semmler, Stefan Berg-Johansen, Vanessa Chille, Christian Gabriel, Peter Banzer, Andrea Aiello, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(7) 7633-7642 (2016) | Journal

Chiral optical response of planar and symmetric nanotrimers enabled by heteromaterial selection

Peter Banzer, Pawel Wozniak, Uwe Mick, Israel De Leon, Robert W. Boyd

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7 13117 (2016) | Journal

Generation of spectral clusters in a mixture of noble and Raman-active gases

Pooria Hosseini, Amir Abdolvand, Philip St J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 41(23) 5543-5546 (2016) | Journal

In Situ Observation of Single-Molecule Surface Reactions from Low to High Affinities

Eugene Kim, Martin D. Baaske, Frank Vollmer

ADVANCED MATERIALS 28(45) 9941-9948 (2016) | Journal

Laser-driven acceleration of subrelativistic electrons near a nanostructured dielectric grating: From acceleration via higher spatial harmonics to necessary elements of a dielectric accelerator

Josh McNeur, Martin Kozak, Norbert Schoenenberger, Ang Li, Alexander Tafel, Peter Hommelhoff


Guiding 2.94 mu m using low-loss microstructured antiresonant triangular-core fibers

Yang Chen, Mohammed F. Saleh, Nicolas Y. Joly, Fabio Biancalana

JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 119(14) 143104 (2016) | Journal

Operational meaning of quantum measures of recovery

Tom Cooney, Christoph Hirche, Ciara Morgan, Jonathan P. Olson, Kaushik P. Seshadreesan, John Watrous, Mark M. Wilde

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 94(2) 022310 (2016) | Journal

Low-noise macroscopic twin beams

Timur Sh. Iskhakov, Vladyslav C. Usenko, Radim Filip, Maria V. Chekhova, Gerd Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 93(4) 043849 (2016) | Journal

Generation of a vacuum ultraviolet to visible Raman frequency comb in H-2-filled kagome photonic crystal fiber

M. K. Mridha, D. Novoa, S. T. Bauerschmidt, A. Abdolvand, P. St J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 41(12) 2811-2814 (2016) | Journal

Expansion of arbitrary electromagnetic fields in terms of vector spherical wave functions

Wendel Lopes Moreira, Antonio Alvaro Ranha Neves, Martin K. Garbos, Tijmen G. Euser, Carlos Lenz Cesar

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(3) 2370-2382 (2016) | Journal

Polarization-controlled directional scattering for nanoscopic position sensing

Martin Neugebauer, Pawel Wozniak, Ankan Bag, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7 11286 (2016) | Journal

Composite Nanostructures of TiO2 and ZnO for Water Splitting Application: Atomic Layer Deposition Growth and Density Functional Theory Investigation

Marina Kulmas, Leanne Paterson, Katja Hoeflich, Muhammad Y. Bashouti, Yanlin Wu, Manuela Goebelt, Juergen Ristein, Julien Bachmann, Bernd Meyer, et al.

ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 26(27) 4882-4889 (2016) | Journal

Exotic looped trajectories of photons in three-slit interference

Omar S. Magana-Loaiza, Israel De Leon, Mohammad Mirhosseini, Robert Fickler, Akbar Safari, Uwe Mick, Brian McIntyre, Peter Banzer, Brandon Rodenburg, et al.

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7 13987 (2016) | Journal

The squeezing spectrum of a quantum emitter coupled to an optical nanostructure

Diego Martin-Cano, Harald R. Haakh, Mario Agio

Journal of Optics 18 024010 (2016) | Journal

Systematic Surface Phase Transition of Ag Thin Films by Iodine Functionalization at Room Temperature: Evolution of Optoelectronic and Texture Properties

Muhammad Y. Bashouti, Razieh Talebi, Thaer Kassar, Arashmid Nahal, Juergen Ristein, Tobias Unruh, Silke H. Christiansen

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6 21439 (2016) | Journal

Integrating a DNA Strand Displacement Reaction with a Whispering Gallery Mode Sensor for Label-Free Mercury (II) Ion Detection

Fengchi Wu, Yuqiang Wu, Zhongwei Niu, Frank Vollmer

SENSORS 16(8) 1197 (2016) | Journal

Twist-induced guidance in coreless photonic crystal fiber: A helical channel for light

Ramin Beravat, Gordon K. L. Wong, Michael H. Frosz, Xiao Ming Xi, Philip St. J. Russell

SCIENCE ADVANCES 2(11) e1601421 (2016) | Journal

Spatially-controlled laser-induced decoration of 2D and 3D substrates with plasmonic nanoparticles

M. Y. Bashouti, A. V. Povolotckaia, A. V. Povolotskiy, S. P. Tunik, S. H. Christiansen, G. Leuchs, A. A. Manshina

RSC ADVANCES 6(79) 75681-75685 (2016) | Journal

Tunable optical parametric generator based on the pump spatial walk-off

Andrea Cavanna, Felix Just, Polina R. Sharapova, Michael Taheri, Gerd Leuchs, Maria V. Chekhova

OPTICS LETTERS 41(3) 646-649 (2016) | Journal

Fluorescence-based remote irradiation sensor in liquid-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

R. Zeltner, D. S. Bykov, S. Xie, T. G. Euser, P. St. J. Russell

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 108(23) 231107 (2016) | Journal

Dielectric tuning and coupling of whispering gallery modes using an anisotropic prism

Matthew R. Foreman, Florian Sedlmeir, Harald G. L. Schwefel, Gerd Leuchs


Nonlinear interferometers in quantum optics

M. V. Chekhova, Z. Y. Ou

ADVANCES IN OPTICS AND PHOTONICS 8(1) 104-155 (2016) | Journal

A Classical Analog of Random Quantum States

Denis Sych

JOURNAL OF RUSSIAN LASER RESEARCH 37(6) 556-561 (2016) | Journal

Barrier inhomogeneities limited current and 1/f noise transport in GaN based nanoscale Schottky barrier diodes

Ashutosh Kumar, M. Heilmann, Michael Latzel, Raman Kapoor, Intu Sharma, M. Goebelt, Silke H. Christiansen, Vikram Kumar, Rajendra Singh

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6 27553 (2016) | Journal

Quantum technology: from research to application

Wolfgang P. Schleich, Kedar S. Ranade, Christian Anton, Markus Arndt, Markus Aspelmeyer, Manfred Bayer, Gunnar Berg, Tommaso Calarco, Harald Fuchs, et al.

APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS 122(5) 130 (2016) | Journal

The many facets of the Fabry-Perot

Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, Juan J. Monzon, Gerd Leuchs

EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 37(6) 064001 (2016) | Journal

Tapered Glass-Fiber Microspike: High-Q Flexural Wave Resonator and Optically Driven Knudsen Pump

Riccardo Pennetta, Shangran Xie, Philip St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(27) 273901 (2016) | Journal

Voices of biotech

Ido Amit, David Baker, Roger Barker, Bonnie Berger, Carolyn Bertozzi, Sangeeta Bhatia, Alessandra Biffi, Francesca Demichelis, Jennifer Doudna, et al.

NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 34(3) 270-275 (2016) | Journal

New insights into colloidal gold flakes: structural investigation, micro-ellipsometry and thinning procedure towards ultrathin monocrystalline layers

B. Hoffmann, M. Y. Bashouti, T. Feichtner, M. Mackovic, C. Dieker, A. M. Salaheldin, P. Richter, O. D. Gordan, D. R. T. Zahn, et al.

NANOSCALE 8(8) 4529-4536 (2016) | Journal

Inorganic photovoltaics - Planar and nanostructured devices

Jeyakumar Ramanujam, Amit Verma, B. Gonzalez-Diaz, R. Guerrero-Lemus, Carlos del Canizo, Elisa Garcia-Tabares, Ignacio Rey-Stolle, Filip Granek, Lars Korte, et al.

PROGRESS IN MATERIALS SCIENCE 82 294-404 (2016) | Journal

Optical Polarization Mobius Strips and Points of Purely Transverse Spin Density

Thomas Bauer, Martin Neugebauer, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(1) 013601 (2016) | Journal

Progress towards practical device-independent quantum key distribution with spontaneous parametric down-conversion sources, on-off photodetectors, and entanglement swapping

Kaushik P. Seshadreesan, Masahiro Takeoka, Masahide Sasaki

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 93(4) 042328 (2016) | Journal

Demonstration of local teleportation using classical entanglement

Diego Guzman-Silva, Robert Bruening, Felix Zimmermann, Christian Vetter, Markus Graefe, Matthias Heinrich, Stefan Nolte, Michael Duparre, Andrea Aiello, et al.

LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS 10(2) 317-321 (2016) | Journal

Measuring the modulus of the spatial coherence function using an error tolerant phase shifting algorithm and a continuous lateral shearing interferometer

Irina Harder, Martin Eisner, Reinhard Voelkel, Sergej Rothau, Johannes Schwider, Peter Schwider

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(5) 5087-5101 (2016) | Journal

Multimode theory of single-photon subtraction

V. Averchenko, C. Jacquard, V. Thiel, C. Fabre, N. Treps

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 18 083042 (2016) | Journal

Nonlinear and quantum optics with whispering gallery resonators

Dmitry V. Strekalov, Christoph Marquardt, Andrey B. Matsko, Harald G. L. Schwefel, Gerd Leuchs

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 18(12) 123002 (2016) | Journal

Controlling a Discrete Soliton by a Weak Beam in Waveguide Arrays

Truong Xuan Tran, Quang Nguyen-The

JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 34(17) 4104-4109 (2016) | Journal

Hybrid photonic-crystal fiber for single-mode phase matched generation of third harmonic and photon triplets

Andrea Cavanna, Felix Just, Xin Jiang, Gerd Leuchs, Maria V. Chekhova, Philip St. J. Russell, Nicolas Y. Joly

OPTICA 3(9) 952-955 (2016) | Journal

Resolving the mystery of milliwatt-threshold opto-mechanical self-oscillation in dual-nanoweb fiber

J. R. Koehler, R. E. Noskov, A. A. Sukhorukov, A. Butsch, D. Novoa, P. St. J. Russell

APL PHOTONICS 1(5) 056101 (2016) | Journal

Two-Color Coherent Control of Femtosecond Above-Threshold Photoemission from a Tungsten Nanotip

Michael Foerster, Timo Paschen, Michael Krueger, Christoph Lemell, Georg Wachter, Florian Libisch, Thomas Madlener, Joachim Burgdoerfer, Peter Hommelhoff

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(21) 217601 (2016) | Journal

Nanoscale Characterization of Carrier Dynamic and Surface Passivation in InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Wells on GaN Nanorods

Weijian Chen, Xiaoming Wen, Michael Latzel, Martin Heilmann, Jianfeng Yang, Xi Dai, Shujuan Huang, Santosh Shrestha, Robert Patterson, et al.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(46) 31887-31893 (2016) | Journal

Vertically Oriented Growth of GaN Nanorods on Si Using Graphene as an Atomically Thin Buffer Layer

Martin Heilmann, A. Mazid Munshi, George Sarau, Manuela Goebelt, Christian Tessarek, Vidar T. Fauske, Antonius T. J. van Helvoort, Jianfeng Yang, Michael Latzel, et al.

NANO LETTERS 16(6) 3524-3532 (2016) | Journal

Coherent octave-spanning mid-infrared supercontinuum generated in As2S3-silica double-nanospike waveguide pumped by femtosecond Cr:ZnS laser

Shangran Xie, Nikolai Tolstik, John C. Travers, Evgeni Sorokin, Celine Caillaud, Johann Troles, Philip St J. Russell, Irina T. Sorokina

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(11) 2406-2413 (2016) | Journal

Unveiling the Hybrid n-Si/PEDOT:PSS Interface

Sara Jaeckle, Martin Liebhaber, Jens Niederhausen, Matthias Buechele, Roberto Felix, Regan G. Wilks, Marcus Baer, Klaus Lips, Silke Christiansen

ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 8(13) 8841-8848 (2016) | Journal

Transverse and longitudinal characterization of electron beams using interaction with optical near-fields

Martin Kozak, Joshua McNeur, Kenneth J. Leedle, Huiyang Deng, Norbert Schoenenberger, Axel Ruehl, Ingmar Hartl, Heinar Hoogland, Ronald Holzwarth, et al.

OPTICS LETTERS 41(15) 3435-3438 (2016) | Journal

Achieving the ultimate optical resolution

Martin Paur, Bohumil Stoklasa, Zdenek Hradil, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, Jaroslav Rehacek

OPTICA 3(10) 1144-1147 (2016) | Journal

Implementing a neutral-atom controlled-phase gate with a single Rydberg pulse

Rui Han, Hui Khoon Ng, Berthold-Georg Englert

EPL 113(4) 40001 (2016) | Journal

Optical resolution from Fisher information

L. Motka, B. Stoklasa, M. D'Angelo, P. Facchi, A. Garuccio, Z. Hradil, S. Pascazio, F. V. Pepe, Y. S. Teo, et al.

EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS 131(5) 130 (2016) | Journal

Broadband robustly single-mode hollow-core PCF by resonant filtering of higher-order modes

Patrick Uebel, Mehmet C. Guenendi, Michael H. Frosz, Goran Ahmed, Nitin N. Edavalath, Jean-Michel Menard, Philip St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 41(9) 1961-1964 (2016) | Journal

Maximizing Photoluminescence Extraction in Silicon Photonic Crystal Slabs

Ali Mahdavi, George Sarau, Jolly Xavier, Taofiq K. Paraiso, Silke Christiansen, Frank Vollmer

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6 25135 (2016) | Journal

High-resolution wavefront shaping with a photonic crystal fiber for multimode fiber imaging

Lyubov V. Amitonova, Adrien Descloux, Joerg Petschulat, Michael H. Frosz, Goran Ahmed, Fehim Babic, Xin Jiang, Allard P. Mosk, Philip St. J. Russell, et al.

OPTICS LETTERS 41(3) 497-500 (2016) | Journal

Attacks on practical quantum key distribution systems (and how to prevent them)

Nitin Jain, Birgit Stiller, Imran Khan, Dominique Elser, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS 57(3) 366-387 (2016) | Journal

Resonant photo-ionization of Yb+ to Yb2+

Simon Heugel, Martin Fischer, Vladimir Elman, Robert Maiwald, Markus Sondermann, Gerd Leuchs


Quantum Nondemolition Measurement of a Quantum Squeezed State Beyond the 3 dB Limit

C. U. Lei, A. J. Weinstein, J. Suh, E. E. Wollman, A. Kronwald, F. Marquardt, A. A. Clerk, K. C. Schwab

Physical Review Letters 117(10) 100801 (2016) | Journal | PDF

Topological Quantum Fluctuations and Traveling Wave Amplifiers

Vittorio Peano, Martin Houde, Florian Marquardt, Aashish A. Clerk

Physical Review X 6(4) 041026 (2016) | Journal | PDF

Spectroscopy and microscopy of single molecules in nanoscopic channels: spectral behavior vs. confinement depth

Benjamin Gmeiner, Andreas Maser, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 19588-19594 (2016) | Journal

Near-ionization-threshold emission in atomic gases driven by intense sub-cycle pulses

Wei-Chun Chu, John C. Travers, Philip St J. Russell

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 18 023018 (2016) | Journal

All-optical bit storage in a fibre laser by optomechanically bound states of solitons

M. Pang, W. He, X. Jiang, P. St. J. Russell

NATURE PHOTONICS 10(7) 454-+ (2016) | Journal

Electromechanically Tunable Suspended Optical Nanoantenna

Kai Chen, Gary Razinskas, Thorsten Feichtner, Swen Grossmann, Silke Christiansen, Bert Hecht

NANO LETTERS 16(4) 2680-2685 (2016) | Journal

30 years of squeezed light generation

Ulrik L. Andersen, Tobias Gehring, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

PHYSICA SCRIPTA 91(5) 053001 (2016) | Journal

Autonomous absolute calibration of an ICCD camera in single-photon detection regime

Luo Qi, Felix Just, Gerd Leuchs, Maria V. Chekhova

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(23) 26444-26453 (2016) | Journal

Visualization of lipids and proteins at high spatial and temporal resolution via interferometric scattering (iSCAT) microscopy

Susann Spindler, Jens Ehrig, Katharina Koenig, Tristan Nowak, Marek Piliarik, Hannah E. Stein, Richard W. Taylor, Elisabeth Garanger, Sebastien Lecommandoux, et al.

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 349601 (2016) | Journal

Polaritonic normal-mode splitting and light localization in a one-dimensional nanoguide

Harald R. Haakh, Sanli Faez, Vahid Sandoghdar

Physical Review A 94 053840 (2016) | Journal

Solid-core and hollow-core photonic crystal fiber for generation of bright ultraviolet light (Conference Presentation)

Nicolas Y. Joly, Xin Jiang, John C. Travers, Alexey Ermolov, Philip St. J. Russell

Proceedings of SPIE 9926 (2016) | Journal

Self-Catalyzed Growth of Vertically Aligned InN Nanorods by Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy

C. Tessarek, S. Fladischer, C. Dieker, G. Sarau, B. Hoffmann, M. Bashouti, M. Goebelt, M. Heilmann, M. Latzel, et al.

NANO LETTERS 16(6) 3415-3425 (2016) | Journal

Unconstrained distillation capacities of a pure-loss bosonic broadcast channel

Masahiro Takeoka, Kaushik P. Seshadreesan, Mark M. Wilde

IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (2016)

Sub-100-fs 1.87 GHz mode-locked fiber laser using stretched-soliton effects

W. He, M. Pang, C. R. Menyuk, P. St J. Russell

OPTICA 3(12) 1366-1372 (2016) | Journal

Optical observation of single atomic ions interacting with plasmonic nanorods in aqueous solution

Martin D. Baaske, Frank Vollmer

NATURE PHOTONICS 10(11) 733-+ (2016) | Journal

Current sensing using circularly birefringent twisted solid-core photonic crystal fiber

R. Beravat, G. K. L. Wong, X. M. Xi, M. H. Frosz, P. St. J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 41(7) 1672-1675 (2016) | Journal

Frequency tuning of single photons from a whispering-gallery mode resonator to MHz-wide transitions

G. Schunk, U. Vogl, F. Sedlmeir, D. V. Strekalov, A. Otterpohl, V. Averchenko, H. G. L. Schwefel, G. Leuchs, Ch. Marquardt

JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS 63 (2016) | Journal

Design of tunable GHz-frequency optomechanical crystal resonators

Hannes Pfeifer, Taofiq Paraiso, Leyun Zang, Oskar Painter

OPTICS EXPRESS 24(11) 1407-1419 (2016) | Journal

Heralded source of bright multi-mode mesoscopic sub-Poissonian light

T. Sh. Iskhakov, V. C. Usenko, U. L. Andersen, R. Filip, M. V. Chekhova, G. Leuchs

OPTICS LETTERS 41(10) 2149-2152 (2016) | Journal

A miniaturized electron source based on dielectric laser accelerator operation at higher spatial harmonics and a nanotip photoemitter

Joshua McNeur, Martin Kozak, Dominik Ehberger, Norbert Schoenenberger, Alexander Tafel, Ang Li, Peter Hommelhoff


Free-Space Quantum Signatures Using Heterodyne Measurements

Callum Croal, Christian Peuntinger, Bettina Heim, Imran Khan, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs, Petros Wallden, Erika Andersson, Natalia Korolkova

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(10) 100503 (2016) | Journal

Characterization of few-fs deep-UV dispersive waves by ultra-broadband transient-grating XFROG

Alexey Ermolov, Heli Valtna-Lukner, John Travers, Philip St J. Russell

OPTICS LETTERS 41(23) 5535-5538 (2016) | Journal

Deterministic composite nanophotonic lattices in large area for broadband applications

Jolly Xavier, Juergen Probst, Christiane Becker

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6 38744 (2016) | Journal

Practical Receiver for Optimal Discrimination of Binary Coherent Signals

Denis Sych, Gerd Leuchs

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(20) 200501 (2016) | Journal

Local Sampling of the Wigner Function at Telecom Wavelength with Loss-Tolerant Detection of Photon Statistics

G. Harder, Ch Silberhorn, J. Rehacek, Z. Hradil, L. Motka, B. Stoklasa, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 116(13) 133601 (2016) | Journal

Evading Vacuum Noise: Wigner Projections or Husimi Samples?

C. R. Mueller, C. Peuntinger, T. Dirmeier, I. Khan, U. Vogl, Ch. Marquardt, G. Leuchs, L. L. Sanchez-Soto, Y. S. Teo, et al.

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 117(7) 070801 (2016) | Journal

Self-alignment of glass fiber nanospike by optomechanical back-action in hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

S. Xie, Riccardo Pennetta, P. St J. Russell

OPTICA 3(3) 277-282 (2016) | Journal

Supercontinuum generation in ZBLAN glass photonic crystal fiber with six nanobore cores

Xin Jiang, Nicolas Y. Joly, Martin A. Finger, Fehim Babic, Meng Pang, Rafal Sopalla, Michael H. Frosz, Samuel Poulain, Marcel Poulain, et al.

OPTICS LETTERS 41(18) 4245-4248 (2016) | Journal

Lateral spin transport in paraxial beams of light

Martin Neugebauer, Simon Grosche, Sergej Rothau, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

OPTICS LETTERS 41(15) 3499-3502 (2016) | Journal

Quantum-polarization state tomography

Oemer Bayraktar, Marcin Swillo, Carlota Canalias, Gunnar Bjork

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 94(2) 020105 (2016) | Journal

Silicon Nanowire Sensors Enable Diagnosis of Patients via Exhaled Breath

Nisreen Shehada, John C. Cancilla, Jose S. Torrecilla, Enrique S. Pariente, Gerald Broenstrup, Silke Christiansen, Douglas W. Johnson, Marcis Leja, Michael P. A. Davies, et al.

ACS Nano 10(7) 7047-7057 (2016) | Journal

Topological phase transitions and chiral inelastic transport induced by the squeezing of light

Vittorio Peano, Martin Houde, Christian Brendel, Florian Marquardt, Aashish A. Clerk

Nature Communications 7 10779 (2016) | Journal | PDF

Coupled spin-light dynamics in cavity optomagnonics

Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy, Hong X. Tang, Florian Marquardt

Physical Review A 94(3) 033821 (2016) | Journal | PDF

Classical dynamical gauge fields in optomechanics

Stefan Walter, Florian Marquardt

New Journal of Physics 18 113029 (2016) | Journal | PDF

Few-photon coherent nonlinear optics with a single molecule

Andreas Maser, Benjamin Gmeiner, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Goetzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Photonics 10 450-453 (2016) | Journal

Broadband electric-field-induced LP01 and LP02 second harmonic generation in Xe-filled hollow-core PCF

Jean-Michel Menard, Felix Köttig, Philip St. J. Russell

Optics Letters 41(16) 3795-3798 (2016) | Journal

New self-dual additive F4-codes constructed from circulant graphs

Markus Grassl, Masaaki Harada

Discrete Mathematics 340 Preprint | PDF

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