Microscopic fluorescence picture of the mitotic spindle

With new technology, researchers can look deep into the interior of cells – in 3-D

Tracking the mystery of cell division: Scientists of the IRI Life Sciences of Humboldt University and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of...

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Übersicht Vorschläge Rahmenkonzept Erinnerungs- und Zukunftsort HuPfla Erlangen

Launch of the Forum Erinnerungs- und Zukunftsort Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Erlangen

During National Socialism in Germany, crimes against humanity, especially medical crimes, also occurred in Erlangen. In order to commemorate the...

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Winner of the Dresden Excellence Award

Dresden Excellence Award for Maik Herbig

The city of Dresden awarded Maik Herbig, former PhD student of MPL Director Jochen Guck, the Dresden Excellence Award 2020 for his doctorate. The...

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Super-resolution microscopy image of the transcribing nucleus

Organizing genetic material into pockets

International research team identifies how the cell nucleus structures active and inactive DNA -  and thus controls the development of a cell.


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Zebrafish larva. Photo: Daniel Wehner

When severed spinal cord grows back together again

After an injury to the spinal cord, patients often remain paralysed because damaged nerve tracts do not regrow due to the formation of scar tissue....

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The bacterial species Neisseria gonorrhoeae, pathogen of the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhoea, forms large colonies within a few hours

New mathematical model: How dangerous bacteria form colonies

Disease-causing microbes as well as cancer cells gang together to form larger structures - and only then become dangerous to humans. Scientists at the...

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