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“Frontiers of Neuromorphic Computing” workshop at MPL 2023

The “Frontiers of Neuromorphic Computing” workshop attracted experts from all over the world to Erlangen in September.

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Efficient training for artificial intelligence: New physics-based self-learning machines could replace the current artificial neural networks and save energy

Artifical intelligence not only affords impressive performance, but also creates significant demand for energy. The more demanding the tasks for which…

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A dual carriageway for signals

Unidirectional transport of signals in pairs of "one-way streets": An international research team including Clara Wanjura from MPL have published a…

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“The Quantum Way of Doing Computations, Simulations and Measurements”

Professor Rainer Blatt was the first speaker in the year 2023 at the Distinguished Lecturer Series of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of…

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Cavity Optomechanics meet Topological Phononics

In a theory-experiment collaboration between MPL and Caltech, the first demonstration of topological transport of mechanical vibrations in an…

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Creating the laser hammer and winning the Nobel Prize: Donna Strickland visits MPL

Professor Donna Strickland visited the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Light (MPL) on October tenth, 2022, as part of the Distinguished…

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