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Christmas Lecture

On 14th December 2017, we presented you the annual Christmas lecture at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. Thank you to the large audience for attending! If...

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Chiral Photonics 2017 – Workshop

Chiral Photonics is an emergent topic in physics. We have brought together renowned experts from all over the world here at MPL, to discuss the...

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Light and Motion in a Helium Drop

What happens when you combine the physics of superfluid helium with optomechanics, in a levitated drop that has optical whispering gallery modes of...

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OMT Summer School

We were pleased to welcome a group of keen young physicists to our OMT Summer School “Quantum Measurements and Theoretical Cavity Optomechanics” from...

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Cavity Optomagnonics Workshop

The first workshop worldwide on this new topic, coupling light to magnons, was a great success. We welcomed many important experts in the field to the...

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Snowflakes go chiral!

We have discovered a novel way to make sound waves go one way (and one way only). See our new paper on a topological insulator for sound waves at the...

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