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Lecture: Recent trends in nonlinear optics and photonics: A mathematical modeling perspective

Professor Alejandro Aceves, Department of Mathematics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, USA

Tuesday, July 9, 2019, 14:00


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New publication in Optica: Thresholdless deep and vacuum ultraviolet Raman frequency conversion in hydrogen-filled photonic crystal fiber

Long-lived synchronised molecular motion excited in a hydrogen-filled hollow-core fibre can be used for selective frequency conversion of narrowband...

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New publication in Phys. Rev. Lett.: Polarization-Tailored Raman Frequency Conversion in Chiral Gas-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

As a novel platform for chiral nonlinear interactions, twisted hollow-core photonic crystal fibre filled with gas opens up new perspectives for...

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Lecture: An introduction to conventional particle accelerators, and paths towards tomorrow's

Dr Francois Lemery
DESY, Hamburg

Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 14:00

Seminar room, A.1.500
Max Planck Institute for the Science...

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New publication in Phys. Rev. Applied: Long-lived refractive-index changes induced by femtosecond ionization in gas-filled single-ring photonic-crystal fibers

Plasma recombination always follows photoionization of gas by intense femtosecond laser pulses, causing refractive-index changes via thermal and...

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New publication in Optics Express: Excitation of higher-order modes in optofluidic photonic crystal fiber

In a collaboration with Philip Russell and Michael Frosz, researchers from University of Cambridge demonstrated a method to controllably excite...

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