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Michael Becker wins SPS-Award 2020

Congratulations! On July 1, 2020 Michael Becker received the SPS-Award of the Swiss Physical Society for Applied Physics donated by Oerlikon Surface...

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Workshop on Interferometric Scattering Microscopy

Label-free optical imaging and analytical techniques are in high demand in a wide range of applications. Among the various light-matter interactions...

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Book chapter on iSCAT (Interferometric Scattering) microscopy published

Chapter 2 in a new book on Label-Free Super-Resolution Microscopy by Springer tells the story of Interferometric Scattering (iSCAT) Microscopy, its...

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Michelle Küppers shortlisted for Nano Innovation Award 2019

Michelle Küppers has been shortlisted for the Nano Innovation Award 2019 in the category Outstanding Master's Thesis in the field of nanosciences and...

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Following a protein nano-rover on the cell membrane

The human body is composed of billions of cells, each one representing the smallest self-sustaining unit of life. We know that surfaces of our cells...

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Interview with Vahid Sandoghdar and Daqing Wang about latest article in Nature Physics has published an interview with Vahid Sandoghdar and Daqing Wang presenting our latest article published in Nature Physics. In the article "T...

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