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Nanostructured Alkali-Metal Vapor Cells

In fruitful collaboration with the group of Charles Adams in Durham, we have developed a nanoscopic vapor cell. Our first paper has just appeared at P...

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Partial Cloaking of Gold Particle by a Single Molecule

After several years of hard work, our results on the coherent interaction of a molecule with a plasmonic particle are now published in Phys. Rev. Lett...

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Point spread function in interferometric scattering microscopy (iSCAT). Part I: aberrations in defocusing and axial localization

We are happy to provide the first formulation of the point spread function in iSCAT microscopy, published in Opt. Express. The paper emphasizes the...

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Quantum Metamaterials with Magnetic Response at Optical Frequencies

Our new theoretical paper in Phys. Rev. Lett. shows how one can obtain a large magnetic response at optical frequencies from atoms, by simply...

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Ultrahigh-Speed Imaging of Rotational Diffusion on a Lipid Bilayer

Translational diffusion is commonplace in biophysical studies. Our new work in Nano Letters shows how a gold nanorod could be used to access the...

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Hsuan-Wei Liu earned his doctoral degree

Congratulations! In July 2020 Hsuan-Wei Liu successfully defended his doctoral thesis on “Strong Near-Field Coupling of Single Emitters to Plasmonic...

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