Our new work on Antiferromagnetic Cavity Optomagnonics is out!

On August 16th our new work on Antiferromagnetic Cavity Optomagnonics appeared on the arXiv!


We propose a cavity optomagnonic system based...


Our new work on Magnon heralding in cavity optomagnonics is out!

On July 8th our new work on Magnon heralding in cavity optomagnonics was published in PRA!


In the emerging field of cavity optomagnonics,...


Ringberg Castle Retreat

From May 29 to June 1 the whole group attended the Castle Retreat “Physics above the lake - theory and friends” at Castle RIngberg organized by the...


APS March Meeting

Between March 4 and March 8 three members of our group (Silvia, Victor, and Jasmin) attended the APS March meeting hold in Boston.
Beside listening to...


Our new work on Cavity Optomagnonics with magnetic textures is out!

On December 5th our new work on cavity optomagnocis with magnetic textures was published in PRB!


Optomagnonic systems, where light...


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