Application and Admission to our PhD programme


Applications will be accepted until May 31st, 2022. Applications received by January 15th, 2022 will be processed by the end of March.

To apply, please send an email to containing one pdf file with the following information:

  • your preferred research area(s) or the advisor(s) you would like to work with
  • motivation letter
  • CV
  • Highschool certificate or comparable certificate which qualifies you for entering university
  • University Certificates and academic records
  • short abstracts of Bachelor and Master thesis
  • 2 letters of recommendation (those should be sent directly by the reviewers to
  • proof of proficiency in English (not obligatory but strongly recommended)
  • if available: additional information

Please note that we do not accept applications from students who are already working on their PhD project for more than six months!

Also please note that your personal data will be stored only for application purposes. According to the German privacy law all data of unsuccessful applicants will be deleted after completion of the selection procedure.


Once the applications have been evaluated, the candidates receive an e-mail from the coordinator about the outcome. If the evaluation is positive, the next step will be an interview via Skype.


Afterwards the applicants have the chance to get invited to Erlangen, Germany, to meet their potential PhD advisors in person and have another interview.

Both interviews consist of a talk (about 20 minutes) and questions of the advisors (about 10-15 minutes).


After having successfully passed those two interviews the applicants are invited to become members of the IMPRS-PL and as soon as they are admitted to University, they are allowed to start their PhD project in the framework of the IMPRS-PL.

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