Harald Giessen - 3D Printing of Complex Microoptics – Merging with Plasmonic Nanooptics

Prof. Harald Giessen, University of Stuttgart, Germany


Microoptics has a plethora of applications, ranging from miniature endoscopes in hospitals to beam shaping or imaging. 3D printing with a femtosecond laser and two-photon polymerization allows for manufacturing optical elements directly after their design with an optical CAD program on a computer, with a resolution better than 100 nm and a high accuracy and reproducibility.

The talk is showing first experimental results and discusses the different possibilities and perspectives. Triplett microscope objectives of only 100 µm diameter with excellent imaging properties, fitting into the inside of a syringe, are becoming available with this technology and can be useful for medical applications as well as for novel sensors or inspection methods.

Merging this technology with metasurfaces and plasmonics will be discussed.

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