Shanhui Fan – Synthetic frequency dimensions: from topological physics to optical computation

Shanhui Fan

Stanford University


The concept of synthetic dimensions points to new avenues for manipulating the properties of light. Here we review our work in forming synthetic frequency dimensions in dynamically modulated ring resonator structures. A ring resonator supports a set of equally spaced frequency modes. By modulating the ring at frequencies close to the spacing of the resonant modes, these modes at different frequencies can couple together to form a synthetic space along the frequency axis. Importantly, the coupling Hamiltonian of the system is entirely controlled by the modulation format and therefore can readily programmed electronically. In this talk, we discuss our use of such concept of synthetic frequency dimensions to explore novel concepts in Hermitian and non-Hermitian topological physics, and to reduce the resource requirement and enable scaling up in optical computations.

Leuchs-Russell Auditorium, A.1.500, Staudtstr. 2
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