The Series brings leading minds in all areas relevant to the science of light to Erlangen. It presents the unique opportunity for scientific exchange with the speakers to a broad audience.

The topics range from ultrafast measurements over a blueprint for a quantum internet to frequency combs for extremely large telescopes. 

All lectures will start at 15.00 CET and will be transmitted via stream. If you would like to attend, please register here for our DLS newsletter. You will then receive the link for the zoom conference by e-mail shortly before the presentation.

If you missed a lecture, have a look at our Youtube channel: If we have the speaker's consent for publishing, you can find the lecture's recording on the DLS Youtube playlist.


Upcoming events:

There are no events in the current view.

Past lectures:

Petra Schwille - Life as a matter of function

Van der Waals heterostructures

Towards integrated optical gyroscopes

The Revolution of Silicon Photonics

Frequency comb interferometry and spectroscopy

Towards a blueprint for a quantum internet

Photonic Chip based Frequency Combs

Scalable photonics: an optimized approach

Graphene Terahertz Photonics

Biophysics of protein aggregation

Flat Optics based on Metasurfaces

Learning, neural networks and optics

Spatio-temporal Optical Vortices

Simulating Condensed Matter Physics with Light

The Riemann Zeta Function and Quantum Mechanics

Magnetism in Quantum Gases

Quantum Internet: Vision or Fiction?

Bose-Einstein Condensation of Light

Subcycle quantum physics

Contactless photon-photon interactions

Applications of Laser Spectroscopy to Meet Challenges in Medicine

Quantum simulations with atoms in nano-structures

Probing physics at TeV by measuring aeV

Topological Phases of Sound and Light

Quantum Imaging and the Role of Information

Quantum Optics with Cold Atoms

Superfluid Fermi gases

Quantum microwave photonics

The quantum way of doing computations

Spin Hall Effect for Electrons and Photons

Quantum cascade lasers comb spectrometers

Controlling and Exploring Quantum Matter

Femtosecond Optics: More Than Just Really Fast


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