New publication in Optics Express: Excitation of higher-order modes in optofluidic photonic crystal fiber

In a collaboration with Philip Russell and Michael Frosz, researchers from University of Cambridge demonstrated a method to controllably excite specific patterns of light inside liquid-filled hollow-core fibres.
Each light pattern has a different spatial distribution over the cross-section of the fibre. By switching between different patterns, one can measure at different regions of the fibre (for example to study chemical reactions taking place only at the edges of the hollow-core) or selectively trap, transport and separate micro- and nanoparticles along the hollow channels of the fibre.

Trapping of microparticles in air was first demonstrated in 1986 by the recent Nobel laureate Arthur Ashkin. The collaborative work could be used to trap particles in a liquid inside the fibre, thereby opening up new possibilities for fibre-based sensing and optical manipulation approaches.

Read the full paper here: A. Ruskuc, P. Koehler, M. A. Weber, A. Andres-Arroyo, M. H. Frosz, P. St.J. Russell and T. G. Euser, Opt. Express 26, 30245 (2018)



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