Jochen Guck becomes new director at MPL

As of Oktober 2018, Prof. Guck will lead the new MPL-Division "Physics & Medicine".

We would like to warmly welcome our new director Jochen Guck: As of October 1st, he will lead the newly formed fifth division "Physics & Medicine"!
Prof. Guck and his team will begin their research in the field of biophysics and on the interface between physics and medicine.
"At MPL, I get the opportunity for excellent conditions to focus on my research - with the other directors at my side, it's the perfect catalyst for innovation!"

Professor Guck has already developed new methods in the field of biophotonics, which he uses to assess the stiffness of the cell as a biomarker, for example for the differentiation between malignant or infected cells. This was where an optical stretcher similar to the one that Arthur Ashkin has just won a Nobel Prize in Physics for.

Before joining MPL, Prof. Guck acted as managing direktor of the Biotechnology Center of the Technische Universität Dresden.



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