Long Night of Science at the Max Planck Institute

On Saturday, 19 October 2019, the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) took part in Germany's largest science festival - more than 1,200 visitors came to the institute to take a look behind the scenes of research.

More than 80 Max Planck scientists made the Long Night of Science at the MPL possible as volunteers: Visitors had the opportunity to look behind the otherwise closed doors of the high-tech laboratories and learn new things about basic research. Several guided tours gave almost 400 of the science enthusiasts an exclusive insight into the laboratory wing and the facilities.

In hands-on experiments, the visitors dealt with physical phenomena such as fluorescence microscopy, a laser telephone or the quantum random generator. Those who were interested in the background of the scientific projects were able to learn about the palpation of cancer cells with light and much more in numerous exciting lectures.

The MPL was supported by Carl Zeiss, who presented applied technology and practical equipment.

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