Emmy Noether Travel Grant for Michelle Küppers

Promotion on the way to a leadership position: physicist will attend the University of Oxford.

Michelle Küppers with flowers and the grant certificate

"Learning from role models" - Michelle Küppers, PhD student in the Sandoghdar Division, will get this chance. She will start at the end of October in the research group of Professor Sonia Antoranz Contera - Deputy Head of the Physics Department at the University of Oxford - and will be able to experience how the scientist leads and organises her team. This is possible because Michelle Küppers was able to convince the Board of Directors with her application for the Emmy Noether Travel Grant.

During Coffee Time last Thursday, the Managing Director Jochen Guck and the Head of Administration Dorothe Burggraf presented the scientist with the scholarship certificate. "We in the Board of Directors have committed ourselves to actively support gender equality in science. I am very pleased that we can promote the potential of our female researchers with the Emmy Noether Travel Grant. I congratulate you warmly on the scholarship and wish you all the best for your stay," says Jochen Guck.

MPL specifically promotes female employees in their professional career, because female scientists - especially in leading positions in physics - are still underrepresented. The Emmy Noether Travel Grant of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light serves to promote the exchange and networking of female researchers in Europe. The fellows can spend up to one week in a research group or department headed by a woman.



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