Propagation and Inelastic Scattering of Light Involving 2D Materials

Prof Christian Wolff, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
Leuchs-Russell Auditorium, A.1.500, Staudtstr. 2
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Nano-photonics using conductive or excitonic 2d materials is very much en vogue
for example in the area of strong-coupling physics, which is best understood
using modal theory. In order to analyse the nature of strong coupling of
propagating waves and to derive key quantities such as the density of states,
we develop non-Hilbert space band structure theory for non-Hermitian non-linear
eigenvalue problems associated with strong dispersive loss.
In a second part, we then discuss a stimulated inelastic scattering process
of propagating light and polaritons based on the ponderomotive force in 2d
materials such as graphene.

Christian Wolff studied physics in Karlsruhe and received his PhD in 2012 on the
topic of band structure theory and Wannier functions in 3d photonic crystals.
He then worked as a postdoc in Berlin, Sydney and Odense (Denmark) on topics of
numerical method development, stimulated Brillouin scattering and the theory of
nonlinear and strong coupling properties of plasmonic and excitonic structures.
Recently, he has been appointed assistant professor at the University of
Southern Denmark in Odense.

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