Talk: Engineered Quantum Dynamics in Superconducting Circuits

Speaker: Prof. Michael Hartmann, Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences (IPaQS), Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

Time: Wednesday, 19 December 2018, 10:00

Location: Seminar room, A.1.500

Superconducting circuitry has recently become a leading technological platform for quantum engineering and quantum information processing. Circuit elements are assembled in ever larger networks, which have reached a development threshold that opens intriguing perspectives for exploring quantum many-body phenomena. This objective can even be taken further to design quantum matter with new properties that are usually not found in nature.

After introducing the main circuit elements, I will particularly discuss tunable and nonlinear couplers and their applications. These can lead to a novel density ordering in quantum lattice systems that has been observed in a recent experimental implementation. I will then explain how these couplers can be used to engineer a large variety of spin-spin interactions, making such systems an ideal platform for simulating quantum magnetism and topological order.

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