Tutorial on Cooperative Quantum Phenomena

The year 2022 is getting off to a good start: Our tutorial on "Cooperative Quantum Phenomena in Light-Matter Platforms" got published in PRX Quantum (…

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Group retreat

Together with the research group of Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy and a few invited guests, we spent a fun week packed with scientific talks and discussions…

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Congratulations Kai!

Kai Klede, our joint master student with the Viola-Kusminskiy research group has successfully defended his master thesis! 

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Dr. Mineo!

Francesca Mineo has successfully defended her PhD thesis with the title : "Collective effects in cavity-embedded quantum emitter ensembles".…

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PhD positions available

The new Collaborative Research Center QuCoLiMa (Quantum cooperativity of Light and Matter) currently offers many open PhD positions. Applications are…

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We are part of QuCoLiMa!

The Collaborative Research Centre "Quantum Cooperativity of Light and Matter - QuCoLiMa" between FAU Erlangen (coordinating university), Johannes…

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