Congratulations to Jasmin!

Today Jasmin Graf defended online her “mini-thesis” as part of the IMPRS PhD program, and passed with flying colors! Congratulations to Jasmin!

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Group meeting in corona-times!

We took the opportunity to welcome two new master students, Helene and Anna-Luisa, and took an updated group picture :)

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Our new work on Magnon-Phonon Quantum Correlation Thermometry is out!

On June 1st our work on Magnon-Phonon Quantum Correlation Thermometry was published in Phys.Rev.Appl.


A large fraction of quantum...

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Our new work on Antiferromagnetic cavity optomagnonics is out!

On May 5th our work on Antiferromagnetic cavity optomagnonics was published in Phys. Rev. Res.!


Currently there is a growing interest in...

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Our new work on Magnon-Phonon Thermometry is out!

This theory work was a fruitful collaboration with the experimental group of John Davis (University of Alberta). Clinton Potts visited us from Canada...

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MPL Christmas Party

Last week was the MPL Xmas party! We ate yummy homemade food from all over the world, played games, sang karaoke, and wore silly hats.

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