Our new work on Magnon-Phonon Thermometry is out!

This theory work was a fruitful collaboration with the experimental group of John Davis (University of Alberta). Clinton Potts visited us from Canada for a few months and this is the result of his and Victor’s hard work during that time. We look forward to the experimental realization! You can check the full text here.


A large fraction of quantum science and technology requires low-temperature environments such as those afforded by dilution refrigerators. In these cryogenic environments, accurate thermometry can be difficult to implement, expensive, and often requires calibration to an external reference. Here, we theoretically propose a primary thermometer based on measurement of a hybrid system consisting of phonons coupled via a magnetostrictive interaction to magnons. Thermometry is based on a cross-correlation measurement in which the spectrum of back-action driven motion is used to scale the thermomechanical motion, providing a direct measurement of the phonon temperature independent of experimental parameters. Combined with a simple low-temperature compatible microwave cavity read-out, this primary thermometer is expected to become a popular thermometer for experiments below 1 K.


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