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Perfect imaging of hypersurfaces via transformation optics

Klaus Mantel, Dustin Bachstein, Ulf Peschel

OPTICS LETTERS 36(2) 199-201 (2011) | Journal

Experimental Comparison of All-Optical Phase-Preserving Amplitude Regeneration Techniques

Daniel Endres, Christian Stephan, Klaus Sponsel, Georgy Onishchukov, Bernhard Schmauss, Gerd Leuchs

International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks-ICTON (2011)

Realistic g((2)) measurement of a PDC source with single photon detectors in the presence of background

Andreas Eckstein, Andreas Christ, Peter J. Mosley, Christine Silberhorn

Physica Status Solidi C-Current Topics in Solid State Physics 8(4) (2011) | Journal

Quadrant detector calibration for vortex beams

N. Hermosa, A. Aiello, J. P. Woerdman

OPTICS LETTERS 36(3) 409-411 (2011) | Journal

Nanoparticle-based protein detection by optical shift of a resonant microcavity

Miguel A. Santiago-Cordoba, Svetlana V. Boriskina, Frank Vollmer, Melik C. Demirel

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 99(7) 073701 (2011) | Journal

Coupled-mode theory for on-channel nonlinear microcavities

Victor Grigoriev, Fabio Biancalana


Spectral overlap in direct measurements of displaced single-photon states

K. Laiho, M. Avenhaus, K. N. Cassemiro, C. Silberhorn

AIP Conference Proceedings 1363 (2011) | Journal

Frustrated quantum phase diffusion and increased coherence of solitons due to nonlocality

Sascha Batz, Ulf Peschel

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 83(3) 033826 (2011) | Journal

Concentrating the phase of a coherent state by means of probabilistic amplification

Mario A. Usuga, Christian R. Mueller, Christoffer Wittmann, Petr Marek, Radim Filip, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs, Ulrik L. Andersen

AIP Conference Proceedings 1363 (2011) | Journal

Bright Spatially Coherent Wavelength-Tunable Deep-UV Laser Source Using an Ar-Filled Photonic Crystal Fiber

N.Y. Joly, J. Nold, W. Chang, P. Hoelzer, A. Nazarkin, G. K. L. Wong, F. Biancalana, P. St. J. Russell

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 106(20) 203901 (2011) | Journal

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