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Observation of Optical Undular Bores in Multiple Four-Wave Mixing

J. Fatome, C. Finot, G. Millot, A. Armaroli, S. Trillo

PHYSICAL REVIEW X 4(2) 021022 (2014) | Journal

Tomography by Noise

G. Harder, D. Mogilevtsev, N. Korolkova, Ch Silberhorn

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 113(7) 070403 (2014) | Journal

Advanced quantum noise correlations

Ulrich Vogl, Ryan T. Glasser, Jeremy B. Clark, Quentin Glorieux, Tian Li, Neil V. Corzo, Paul D. Lett

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 16 013011 (2014) | Journal

Classical entanglement in polarization metrology

Falk Toeppel, Andrea Aiello, Christoph Marquardt, Elisabeth Giacobino, Gerd Leuchs

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 16 073019 (2014) | Journal

The Hertz vector revisited: a simple physical picture

Marco Ornigotti, Andrea Aiello

JOURNAL OF OPTICS 16(10) 105705 (2014) | Journal

Experimental Proof of Concept of Nanoparticle-Assisted STED

Yannick Sonnefraud, Hugo G. Sinclair, Yonatan Sivan, Matthew R. Foreman, Christopher W. Dunsby, Mark A. A. Neil, Paul M. French, Stefan A. Maier

NANO LETTERS 14(8) 4449-4453 (2014) | Journal

Microlocal approach towards construction of nonreflecting boundary conditions

V. Vaibhav

JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS 272 588-607 (2014) | Journal

Multistability and spontaneous breaking in pulse-shape symmetry in fiber ring cavities

M. J. Schmidberger, D. Novoa, F. Biancalana, P. St J. Russell, N. Y. Joly

OPTICS EXPRESS 22(3) 3045-3053 (2014) | Journal

Expanding the genetic code for site-specific labelling of tobacco mosaic virus coat protein and building biotin-functionalized virus-like particles

F. C. Wu, H. Zhang, Q. Zhou, M. Wu, Z. Ballard, Y. Tian, J. Y. Wang, Z. W. Niu, Y. Huang

CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 50(30) 4007-4009 (2014) | Journal

Photoluminescence analysis of coupling effects: The impact of shunt resistance and temperature

Vasiliki Paraskeva, Constantinos Lazarou, Maria Hadjipanayi, Matthew Norton, Mauro Pravettoni, George E. Georghiou, Martin Heilmann, Silke Christiansen


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