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Optomechanical cooling and self-stabilization of a waveguide coupled to a whispering-gallery-mode resonator

Riccardo Pennetta, Shangran Xie, Richard Zeltner, Jonas Hammer, Philip Russell

Photonics Research 8(6) 844-851 (2020) | Journal

Iso-entangled mutually unbiased bases, symmetric quantum measurements and mixed-state designs

Jakub Czartowski, Dardo Goyeneche, Markus Grassl, Karol Życzkowski

Physical Review Letters 124(09) 090503 (2020) | Journal | PDF

Microscale Generation of Entangled Photons without Momentum Conservation

Cameron Okoth, Andrea Cavanna, Tomas Santiago-Cruz, Maria Chekhova

Physical Review Letters 123(26) 263602 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Formation of optical supramolecular structures in a fibre laser by tailoring long-range soliton interactions

Wenbin He, Meng Pang, Dung-Han Yeh, Jiapeng Huang, Curtis Menyuk, Philip Russell

Nature Communications 10(1) 5756 1-9 (2019) | Journal

Field theory of monochromatic optical beams I. classical fields

Andrea Aiello

Journal of Optics 22(1) 014001 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Fading channel estimation for free-space continuous-variable secure quantum communication

László Ruppert, Christian Peuntinger, Bettina Heim, Kevin Günthner, Vladyslav C. Usenko, Dominique Elser, Gerd Leuchs, Radim Filip, Christoph Marquardt

New Journal of Physics (21) 123036 (2019) | Journal

Field theory of monochromatic optical beams II. Classical and quantum paraxial fields

Andrea Aiello

Journal of Optics 22(1) 014002 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Detection-device-independent verification of nonclassical light

M Bohmann, L Qi, W Vogel, Maria Chekhova

Physical Review Research (2019) | Journal | PDF

High-yield fabrication of DNA and RNA constructs for single molecule force and torque spectroscopy experiments

Flavia S. Papini, Mona Seifert, David Dulin

Nucleic Acids Research 47(22) e144 (2019) | Journal

All fiber polarization insensitive detection for spectrometer based optical coherence tomography using optical switch

David Odeke Otuya, Gargi Sharma, Guillermo J. Tearney, Kanwarpal Singh

OSA Continuum 2(12) 3465-3469 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Quasiprobability currents on the sphere

I. Valtierra, A. B. Klimov, G Leuchs, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto

Phys. Rev. A 101, 033803 (2020) 101(3) 3803 | Journal | PDF

Arbitrary optical wave evolution with Fourier transforms and phase masks

Victor Lopéz-Pastor, Jeff S. Lundeen, Florian Marquardt

arXiv 1912.04721 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Rapid Exploration of Topological Band Structures using Deep Learning

Vittorio Peano, Florian Sapper, Florian Marquardt

arXiv 1912.03296 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Pump-Probe Study of Plasma Dynamics in Gas-Filled Photonic Crystal Fiber Using Counterpropagating Solitons

Mallika Irene Suresh, Felix Köttig, Johannes Köhler, Francesco Tani, Philip Russell

Physical Review Applied 12 064015 1-6 (2019) | Journal

Spin-orbit coupling affecting the evolution of transverse spin

Jörg Eismann, Peter Banzer, Martin Neugebauer

Physical Review Research 1(3) 033143-1-033143-4 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Nonlinear power dependence of the spectral properties of an optical parametric oscillator below threshold in the quantum regime

Golnoush Shafiee, Dmitry V. Strekalov, Alexander Otterpohl, Florian Sedlmeir, Gerhard Schunk, Ulrich Vogl, Harald Schwefel, Gerd Leuchs, Christoph Marquardt

arXiv: 1912.01263 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Feasibility of quantum key distribution with macroscopically bright coherent light

Olena Kovalenko, Kirill Spasibko, M. V. Chekhova, Vladyslav C. Usenko, Radim Filip

Optics Express 27(25) (2019) | PDF

Cavity Optomagnonics

Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy

arXiv: 1911.11104 Preprint | PDF

Polyacrylamide Bead Sensors for in vivo Quantification of Cell-Scale Stress in Zebrafish Development

Nicole Träber, Klemens Uhlmann, Salvatore Girardo, Gokul Kesavan, Katrin Wagner, Jens Friedrichs, Ruchi Goswami, K Bai, Michael Brand, et al.

Scientific Reports 9(1) 17031 1-14 (2019) | Journal

Partial optomechanical refrigeration via multi-mode cold-damping feedback

Christian Sommer, Claudiu Genes

Physical Review Letters 123 203605 (2019) | Journal

Sustained Self-Starting Orbital Motion of a Glass-Fiber “Nanoengine” Driven by Photophoretic Forces

Shangran Xie, Riccardo Pennetta, Zheqi Wang, Philip Russell

ACS Photonics 6(12) 3315-3320 | Journal

Quantum state transfer via acoustic edge states in a 2D optomechanical array

Marc-Antoine Lemonde, Vittorio Peano, Peter Rabl, Dimitris G Angelakis

New Journal of Physics 21 113030 (2019) | Journal | PDF

On-the-fly particle metrology in hollow-core photonic crystal fibre

Abhinav Sharma, Shangran Xie, Richard Zeltner, Philip Russell

Optics Express 27(24) 34496-34504 (2019)

Highly efficient deep UV generation by four-wave mixing in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

Federico Belli, Amir Abdolvand, John Travers, Philip Russell

Optics Letters 44(22) 5509-5512 (2019) | Journal

Colloidal crystals of compliant microgel beads to study cell migration and mechanosensitivity in 3D

Katrin Wagner, Salvatore Girardo, Ruchi Goswami, Gonzalo Rosso, Elke Ulbricht, Paul Müller, Despina Soteriou, Nicole Träber, Jochen Guck

Soft Matter 15(47) 9776-9787 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Measuring the temperature and heating rate of a single ion by imaging

Bharath Srivathsan, Martin Fischer, Lucas Alber, Markus Weber, Markus Sondermann, Gerd Leuchs

New Journal of Physics 21 113014 (2019) | Journal | PDF

CASP1 variants influence subcellular caspase-1 localization, pyroptosome formation, pro-inflammatory cell death and macrophage deformability

Franz Kapplusch, Felix Schulze, Sabrina Rabe-Matschewsky, Susanne Russ, Maik Herbig, Michael Christian Heymann, Katharina Schoepf , Robert Stein, Ursula Range, et al.

Clinical Immunology 208 108232 (2019) | Journal

Collisional quantum thermometry

Stella Seah, Stefan Nimmrichter, Daniel Grimmer, Jader P. Santos, Valerio Scarini, Gabriel T. Landi

Physical Review Letters 123(18) 180602 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Experimental reconstruction of spatial Schmidt modes for a wide-field SU(1,1) interferometer

Gaetano Frascella, Roman V Zakharov, Olga V Tikhonova, Maria Chekhova

Laser Physics 29(12) (2019) | Journal

Cell Mechanics Based Computational Classification of Red Blood Cells Via Unsupervised Machine Intelligence Applied to Morpho-Rheological Markers

Yan Ge, Philipp Rosenddahl, Claudio Duran, Sara Ciucci, Nicole Töpfner, Jochen Guck, Carlo Vittorio Cannistraci

IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (2019) | Journal

Squeezed vacuum states from a whispering gallery mode resonator

Alexander Otterpohl, Florian Sedlmeir, Ulrich Vogl, Thomas Dirmeier, Golnoush Shafiee, Gerhard Schunk, Dmitry Strekalov, Harald G. L. Schwefel, Tobias Gehring, et al.

Optica 6(11) 1375-1380 (2019) | Journal

Laser refrigeration of gas filled hollow-core fibres

Christian Sommer, Nicolas Y. Joly, Helmut Ritsch, Claudiu Genes

AIP Advances 9 105213 (2019) | Journal

Full-field characterization of helical Bloch modes guided in twisted coreless photonic crystal fiber

Paul Roth, Gordon Wong, Michael Frosz, Goran Ahmed, Philip Russell

Optics Letters 44(20) 5049-5052 (2019) | Journal

Non-invasive real-time characterization of hollow-core photonic crystal fibers using whispering gallery mode spectroscopy

Michael Frosz, Riccardo Pennetta, Michael Enders, Goran Ahmed, Philip Russell

Optics Express 27(21) 30842-30851 (2019) | Journal

Carrier-envelope-phase-stable soliton-based pulse compression to 4.4  fs and ultraviolet generation at the 800  kHz repetition rate

Alexey Ermolov, Christian Heide, Philip Dienstbier, Felix Köttig, Francesco Tani, Peter Hommelhoff, Philip Russell

Optics Letters 44(20) 5005-5008 (2019) | Journal

Almost thermal operations: inhomogeneous reservoirs

Angeline Shu, Yu Cai, Stella Seah, Stefan Nimmrichter, Valerio Scarini

Physical Review A 100(4) 042107 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Low cost scalable monolithic common path probe design for the application in endoscopic optical coherence tomography

Katharina Blessing, Shivani Sharma, Alexander Gumann, Kanwarpal Singh

Engineering Research Express 1(2) 025008 (2019) | Journal

Rectification of Bacterial Diffusion in Microfluidic Labyrinths

Ariane Weber, Marco Bahrs, Zahra Alirezai, Xingyu Zhang, Carsten Beta, Vasily Zaburdaev

Frontiers in Physics 7 148 (2019) | Journal

Efficient generation of temporally shaped photons using nonlocal spectral filtering

Valentin Averchenko, Denis Sych, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

arXiv: 1910.03848v1 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Nonlinear Mach–Zehnder interferometer with ultrabroadband squeezed light

D. B. Horoshko, M. I. Kolobov, F. Gumpert, I. Shand, F. König, M. V. Chekhova


Towards third-order parametric down-conversion in optical fibers

A. Cavanna, J. Hammer, C. Okoth, R. Ortiz-Ricardo, H. Cruz-Ramirez, K. Garay-Palmett, A. B. U’Ren, M. H. Frosz, X. Jiang, et al.

arXiv | PDF

Histone H3K27 acetylation precedes active transcription during zebrafish zygotic genome activation as revealed by live-cell analysis

Yuko Sato, Lennart Hilbert, Haruka Oda, Yinan Wan, John M. Heddleston, Teng-Leong Chew, Vasily Zaburdaev, Philipp Keller, Timothee Lionnet, et al.

Development 146 SI(19) UNSP dev179127 (2019) | Journal

Optically Addressable Array of Optomechanically Compliant Glass Nanospikes on the Endface of a Soft-Glass Photonic Crystal Fiber

Zheqi Wang, Shangran Xie, Xin Jiang, Fehim Babic, Jiapeng Huang, Riccardo Pennetta, Johannes Köhler, Philip Russell

ACS Photonics 6(11) 2942-2948 (2019) | Journal

The standard quantum limit of coherent beam combining

Christian Müller, Florian Sedlmeir, Vitaliy O. Martynov, Christoph Marquardt, Alexey V. Andrianov , Gerd Leuchs

New Journal of Physics 21(9) 093047 (2019) | Journal

Error suppression in adiabatic quantum computing with qubit ensembles

Naeimeh Mohseni, Marek Narozniak, Alexey N Pyrkov, Valentin Ivannikov, Jonathan P Dowling

arXiv 1909.09947 Preprint | PDF

Wide-field SU(1,1) interferometer

Gaetano Frascella, E. E. Mikhailov, N. Takanashi, R. V. Zakharov, O. V. Tikhonova, Maria Chekhova

Optica 6(9) 1233-1236 (2019) | Journal

Indefinite-Mean Pareto Photon Distribution from Amplified Quantum Noise

Mathieu Manceau, Kirill Spasibko, Gerd Leuchs, Radim Filip, Maria Chekhova

Physical Review Letters 123(12) 123606 (2019) | Journal

Accelerated adiabatic quantum gates: optimizing speed versus robustness

Hugo Ribeiro, Aashish A. Clerk

Physical Review A 100(3) 032323 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Mechanical changes of peripheral nerve tissue microenvironment and their structural basis during development

Gonzalo Rosso, Jochen Guck

APL Bioengineering 3(3) 036107 (2019) | Journal

Some thoughts on the future of cell mechanics

Jochen Guck

Biophysical Review 11(15) 667-670 (2019) | Journal

Macroscopicity of quantum mechanical superposition tests via hypothesis falsification

Björn Schrinski, Stefan Nimmrichter, Benjamin A. Stickler, Klaus Hornberger

Physical Review A 100(3) 032111 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Targeting Mechanoresponsive Proteins in Pancreatic Cancer: 4-Hydroxyacetophenone Blocks Dissemination and Invasion by Activating MYH14

Alexandra Surcel, Eric S. Schiffhauer, Dustin G. Thomas, Qingfeng Zhu, Kathleen T. DiNapoli, Maik Herbig, Oliver Otto, Hoku West-Foyle, Angela Jacobi, et al.

Cancer Research 79(18) 4665-4678 (2019) | Journal | PDF

nanite: using machine learning to assess the quality of atomic force microscopy-enabled nano-indentation data

Paul Müller, Shada Abuhattum Hofemeier, Stephanie Möllmert, Elke Ulbricht, Anna V Taubenberger, Jochen Guck

BMC Bioinformatics (20) 465 (2019) | Journal | PDF

3D Microenvironment Stiffness Regulates Tumor Spheroid Growth and Mechanics via p21 and ROCK

Anna V. Taubenberger, Salvatore Girardo, Nicole Träber, Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich, Martin Kräter, Katrin Wagner, Thomas Kurth, Isabel Richter, Barbara Haller, et al.

Advanced Biosystems 3(9) 1900128 (2019) | Journal

Route from single-pulse to multi-pulse states in a mid-infrared soliton fiber laser

Jiapeng Huang, Meng Pang, Xin Jiang, Wenbin He, Philip Russell

Optics Express 27(19) 26392-26404 (2019) | Journal

Kommt der künstliche Physiker?

Thomas Fösel, Florian Marquardt, Talitha Weiß

Physik in unserer Zeit 50(5) 220-227 (2019) | Journal

Effects of rigosertib on the osteo-hematopoietic niche in myelodysplastic syndromes

Ekaterina Balaian, Heike Weidner, Manja Wobus, Ulrike Baschant, Angela Jacobi, Anna Mies, Martin Bornhäuser, Jochen Guck, Lorenz C Hofbauer, et al.

Annals of Hematology 98(9) 2063-2072 (2019) | Journal

Interferometric Scattering (iSCAT) Microscopy & Related Techniques

Richard W. Taylor, Vahid Sandoghdar

Label-Free Super-Resolution Microscopy 25-65 (2019) | Book Chapter

Coherent nonlinear optics of quantum emitters in nanophotonic waveguides

Pierre Türschmann, Hanna Le Jeannic, Signe F. Simonsen, Harald Haakh, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar, Peter Lodahl, Nir Rotenberg

Nanophotonics 8 1641-1657 (2019) | Journal

Perturbation theory of optical resonances of deformed dielectric spheres

Andrea Aiello, Jack G. E. Harris, Florian Marquardt

Physical Review A 100(2) 023837 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Non-exponential decay of a giant artificial atom

Gustav Andersson, Baladitya Suri, Lingzhen Guo, Thomas Aref, Per Delsing

Nature Physics 15 1123-1127 (2019) | Journal

Generation of 1.5 cycle pulses at 780 nm at oscillator repetition rates with stable carrier-envelope phase

Philip Dienstbier, Francesco Tani, Takuya Higuchi, John Travers, Philip Russell, Peter Hommelhoff

Optics Express 27(17) 24105-24113 (2019) | Journal

Generation of broadband circularly polarized supercontinuum light in twisted photonic crystal fibers

Rafal Sopalla, Gordon Wong, Nicolas Joly, Michael Frosz, Xin Jiang, Goran Ahmed, Philip Russell

Optics Letters 44(16) 3964-3967 (2019) | Journal

Dynamically Generated Synthetic Electric Fields for Photons

Petr Zapletal, Stefan Walter, Florian Marquardt

Physical Review A 100(2) 023804 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Quantum-limited measurements of intensity noise levels in Yb-doped fiber amplifiers

Alexandra Popp, Victor Distler, Kevin Jaksch, Florian Sedlmeir, Christian Müller, Nicoletta Haarlammert, Thomas Schreiber, Christoph Marquardt, Andreas Tünnermann, et al.

arXiv: 1908.00756v1 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Interaction of light carrying orbital angular momentum with a chiral dipolar scatterer

Pawel Wozniak, Israel De León, Katja Höflich, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Optica 6(8) 961-965 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Distillation of Squeezing using an engineered PDC source

Thomas Dirmeier, Johannes Tiedau, Imran Khan, Vahid Ansari, Christian Müller, Christine Silberhorn, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs

arXiv: 1907.08004v1 (2019) Preprint | PDF

Interferometric Scattering Microscopy: Seeing Single Nanoparticles and Molecules via Rayleigh Scattering

Richard W. Taylor, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nano Letters 19 4827-4835 (2019) | Journal

Nonlinear optics with full three-dimensional illumination

Rojiar Penjweini, Markus Weber, Markus Sondermann, Robert W. Boyd, Gerd Leuchs

Optica 6(7) 878-883 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Separated Schmidt modes in the angular spectrum of biphotons

N. A. Borshchevskaia, F. Just, K. G. Katamadze, Andrea Cavanna, M. V. Chekhova

Laser Physics Letters 16(8) (2019) | PDF

High-Throughput Microfluidic Characterization of Erythrocyte Shapes and Mechanical Variability

Felix Reichel, Johannes Mauer, Ahmad Ahsan Nawaz, Gerhard Gompper, Jochen Guck, Dmitry A. Fedosov

Biophysical Journal 117(1) 14-24 (2019) | Journal

Magnon heralding in cavity optomagnonics

Victor A. S. V. Bittencourt, Verena Feulner, Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy

Physical Review A 100(1) 013810 (2019) | Journal

Coherent coupling of single molecules to on-chip ring resonators

Dominik Rattenbacher, Alexey Shkarin, Jan Renger, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

New Journal of Physics 21 062002 (2019) | Journal

Emission of circularly polarized light by a linear dipole

Martin Neugebauer, Peter Banzer, Sergey Nechayev

Science Advances 5(6) (2019) | Journal

Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Frequency-Dependent Reflectors

Ondrej Černotík, Aurelien Dantan, Claudiu Genes

Physical Review Letters 122 243601 (2019) | Journal

Vectorial vortex generation and phase singularities upon Brewster reflection

Rene Barczyk, Sergey Nechayev, Muhammad Abdullah Butt, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Physical Review A 99(6) 063820 063820-1- 063820-8 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Analysis of biomechanical properties of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells with Real-Time Deformability Cytometry

Angela Jacobi, Philipp Rosendahl, Martin Kräter, Marta Urbanska, Maik Herbig, Jochen Guck

Methods in Molecular Biology 2017 135-148 (2019) | Book Chapter

Optical traps and anti-traps for glass nanoplates in hollow waveguides

Mehmet Can Günendi, Shangran Xie, David Novoa, Philip Russell

Optics Express 27(13) 17708-17717 (2019) | Journal

Electrically driven single-photon superradiance from molecular chains in a plasmonic nanocavity

Yang Luo, Gong Chen, Yang Zhang, Li Zhang, Yunjie Yu, Fanfang Kong, Xiaojun Tian, Yao Zhang, Chongxin Shan, et al.

Physical Review Letters 122 233901 (2019) | Journal

Reading out Fisher information from the zeros of the point spread function

M. Paúr, B. Stoklasa, D. Koutný, J. Řeháček, Z. Hradil, J. Grover, A. Krzic, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

Optics Letters 44(12) 3114-3117 (2019)

Compressed sensing of twisted photons

F. Bouchard, D. Koutny, F. Hufnagel, Z. Hradil, J. Rehacek, Y. S. Teo, D. Ahn, H. Jeong, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, et al.

Optics Express 27(13) 17426-17323 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Experimental demonstration of linear and spinning Janus dipoles for polarisation and wavelength selective near-field coupling

M. F. Picardi, Martin Neugebauer, Jörg Eismann, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer, F. J. Rodriguez-Fortuno, A. V. Zayats

Light: Science & Applications 8(1) 52 (2019) 1-7 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Mimicking Chiral Light-Matter Interaction

Sergey Nechayev, Peter Banzer

Physical Review B 99(24) 241101(R) 241101-1- 241101-6 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Resonance inversion in a superconducting cavity coupled to artificial atoms and a microwave background

Juha Leppäkangas, Jan David Brehm, Ping Yang, Lingzhen Guo, Michael Marthaler, Alexey V. Ustinov, Martin Weides

Physical Review A 99(6) 063804 (2019) | Journal | PDF

MRI-guided robotic arm drives optogenetic fMRI with concurrent Ca2+ recording

Y Chen, P Pais-Roldán, X Chen, Michael Frosz, X Yu

Nature Communications 10(1) 2536 1-11 (2019) | Journal

Thresholdless deep and vacuum ultraviolet Raman frequency conversion in hydrogen-filled photonic crystal fiber

Manoj K. Mridha, David Novoa, Pooria Hosseini, Philip St. J. Russell

Optica 6(6) 731-734 (2019) | Journal

Fabrication and non-destructive characterization of tapered single-ring hollow-core photonic crystal fiber

Riccardo Pennetta, Michael T. Enders, Michael H. Frosz, Francesco Tani, Philip St. J. Russell

APL Photonics 4 056105 1-6 (2019) | Journal

Properties of bright squeezed vacuum at increasing brightness

P. R. Sharapova, Gaetano Frascella, M. Riabinin, A. M. Perez, O. V. Tikhonova, S. Lemieux, R. W. Boyd, G Leuchs, Maria Chekhova

arXiv 1905.10109 Preprint | PDF

Langevin Approach to Quantum Optics with Molecules

Michael Reitz, Christian Sommer, Claudiu Genes

Physical Review Letters 122 203602 (2019) | Journal

Morpho-Rheological Fingerprinting of Rod Photoreceptors Using Real-Time Deformability Cytometry

Tiago Santos-Ferreira, Maik Herbig, Oliver Otto, Madalena Carido, Mike O. Karl, Stylianos Michalakis, Jochen Guck, Marius Ader

Cytometry A 95(11) 1145-1157 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Large-Area 3D Plasmonic Crescents with Tunable Chirality

Eric S. A. Goerlitzer, Reza Mohammadi, Sergey Nechayev, Peter Banzer, Nicolas Vogel

Advanced Optical Materials 1801770 (2019) | Journal

Pump-probe multi-species CARS in a hollow-core PCF with a 20 ppm detection limit under ambient conditions

Rinat Tyumenev, Luisa Späth, Barbara M. Trabold, Goran Ahmed, Michael H. Frosz, Philip St. J. Russell

Optics Letters 44(10) 2486-2489 (2019) | Journal

Multi-twist polarization ribbon topologies in highly-confined optical fields

Thomas Bauer, Peter Banzer, Frédéric Bouchard, Sergej Orlov, Lorenzo Marrucci, Enrico Santamato, Robert W Boyd, Ebrahim Karimi, Gerd Leuchs

New Journal of Physics 21 053020 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Substrate-Induced Chirality in an Individual Nanostructure

Sergey Nechayev, Rene Barczyk, Uwe Mick, Peter Banzer

ACS Photonics (2019) | Journal | PDF

Spatio-temporal measurement of ionization-induced modal index changes in gas-filled PCF by prism-assisted side-coupling

Barbara M. Trabold, Mallika I. Suresh, Johannes R. Köhler, Michael H. Frosz, Francesco Tani, Philip St. J. Russell

Optics Express 27(10) 14392-14399 (2019) | Journal

Investigating the Optical Properties of a Laser Induced 3D Self‐Assembled Carbon–Metal Hybrid Structure

Muhammad Abdullah Butt, Antonino Calà Lesina, Martin Neugebauer, Thomas Bauer, Lora Ramunno, Alessandro Vaccari, Pierre Berini, Yuriy Petrov, Denis Danilov, et al.

Small 15(18) 1900512 1900512-1-1900512-9 (2019) | Journal

Chimera states in small disordered optomechanical arrays

Karl Pelka, Vittorio Peano, Andre Xuereb

arXiv 1905.01115 Preprint | PDF

How bacterial cells and colonies move on solid substrates

Wolfram Poenisch, Christoph A. Weber, Vasily Zaburdaev

Physical Review E 99(4) 042419 (2019) | Journal

Enhanced collective Purcell effect of coupled quantum emitter systems

David Plankensteiner, Christian Sommer, Michael Reitz, Helmut Ritsch, Claudiu Genes

Physical Review A 99(4) 043843 (2019) | Journal

Coherently refreshed acoustic phonons for extended light storage

Birgit Stiller, Moritz Merklein, Christian Wolff, Khu Vu, Pan Ma, Stephen J. Madden, Benjamin J. Eggleton

arXiv: 1904.13167v1 Preprint | PDF

Nanoprinting organic molecules at the quantum level

Claudio U. Hail, Christian Höller, Korenobu Matsuzaki, Patrik Rohner, Jan Renger, Vahid Sandoghdar, Dimos Poulikakos, Hadi Eghlidi

Nature Communications 10 1880 (2019) | Journal

Spheroid Culture of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Results in Morphorheological Properties Appropriate for Improved Microcirculation

Stefanie Tietze, Martin Kräter, Angela Jacobi, Anna Taubenberger, Maik Herbig, Rebekka Wehner, Marc Schmitz, Oliver Otto, Catrin List, et al.

Advanced Science 6(8) 1802104 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Interferometric scattering microscopy reveals microsecond nanoscopic protein motion on a live cell membrane

Richard W. Taylor, Reza Gholami Mahmoodabadi, Verena Rauschenberger, Andreas Giessl, Alexandra Schambony, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Photonics 13 480-487 (2019) | Journal

Polarization-Tailored Raman Frequency Conversion in Chiral Gas-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

Sona Davtyan, David Novoa, Yang Chen, Michael H. Frosz, Philip St. J. Russell

Physical Review Letters 122(14) 143902 1-5 (2019) | Journal

Huygens' Dipole for Polarization-Controlled Nanoscale Light Routing

Sergey Nechayev, Jörg Eismann, Martin Neugebauer, Pawel Wozniak, Ankan Bag, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Physical Review A 99(4) 041801 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Seeded and unseeded high-order parametric down-conversion

Cameron Okoth, Andrea Cavanna, Nicolas Joly, Maria Chekhova

Physical Review A 99 043809 (2019) | Journal

Study of broadband multimode light via non-phase-matched sum frequency generation

Denis Kopylov, Kirill Spasibko, Tatiana Murzina, Maria Chekhova

New Journal of Physics 21 033024 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Pulse-repetition-rate tuning of a harmonically mode-locked fiber laser using a tapered photonic crystal fiber

Dung-Han Yeh, Wenbin He, Meng Pang, Xin Jiang, Gordon K. L. Wong, Philip St J. Russell

Optics Letters 44(7) 1580-1583 (2019) | Journal

Overcoming inefficient detection in sub-shot-noise absorption measurement and imaging

Eugene Knyazev, Farid Khalili, Maria Chekhova

Optics Express 27(6) 7868-7885 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Adaptive Compressive Tomography with No a priori Information

Daekun Ahn, Yong Siah Teo, Hyunseok Jeong, Frédéric Bouchard, Felix Hufnagel, Ebrahim Karimi, D Koutny, Jarda Rehacek, Zdenek Hradil, et al.

Physical Review Letters 122 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Initialisation of single spin dressed states using shortcuts to adiabaticity

Johannes Kölbl, Arne Barfuss, Mark Kasperczyk, Lucas Thiel, Aashish Clerk, Hugo Ribeiro, Patrick Maletinsky

Physical Review Letters 122(9) 090502 (2019) | Journal | PDF

A primary radiation standard based on quantum nonlinear optics

Samuel Lemieux, Enno Giese, Robert Fickler, Maria Chekhova, Robert Boyd

Nature Physics 15 529-532 (2019) | Journal

The shape of pinned forced polymer loops

Wenwen Huang, Vasily Zaburdaev

Soft Matter 15(8) 1785-1792 (2019) | Journal

Super- and subradiance of clock atoms in multimode optical waveguides

Laurin Ostermann, Clément Meignant, Claudiu Genes, Helmut Ritsch

New Journal of Physics 21 025004 (2019) | Journal

Orbital-to-Spin Angular Momentum Conversion Employing Local Helicity

Sergey Nechayev, Jörg Eismann, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Physical Review B 99(7) 075155 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Turning a molecule into a coherent two-level quantum system

Daqing Wang, Hrishikesh Kelkar, Diego-Martin Cano, Dominik Rattenbacher, Alexey Shkarin, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Physics 15 483-489 (2019) | Journal

Classically Entangled Light

Andrew Forbes, Andrea Aiello, Bienvenu Ndagano

Progress in Optics 64 99-153 (2019) | Book Chapter

Direct characterization of tuneable few-femtosecond dispersive-wave pulses in the deep UV

Christian Brahms, Dane R. Austin, Francesco Tani, Allan S. Johnson, Douglas Garratt, John. C. Travers, John W. G. Tisch, Philip Russell, Jon P. Marangos

Optics Letters 44(4) 731-734 (2019) | Journal

Identifying the mechanism for superdiffusivity in mouse fibroblast motility

Giuseppe Passucci, Megan E. Brasch, James H. Henderson, Vasily Zaburdaev, M. Lisa Manning

PLoS Computational Biology 15(2) e1006732 (2019) | Journal

The Wigner flow on the sphere

P. Yang, I. F. Valtierra, A. B. Klimov, S. -T. Wu, R. -K. Lee, Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, G Leuchs

Physica Scripta 94(4) 044001 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Interference effects in hybrid cavity optomechanics

Ondrej Černotík, Claudiu Genes, Aurelien Dantan

Quantum Science and Technology 4(2) 024002 (2019) | Journal | PDF

Weak measurement enhanced spin Hall effect of light for particle displacement sensing

Martin Neugebauer, Sergey Nechayev, Martin Vorndran, Gerd Leuchs, Peter Banzer

Nano Letters 19(1) 422-425 (2019) | Journal

Lorentz boosts of bispinor Bell-like states

Victor A. S. V. Bittencourt, Massimo Blasone

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1275 012026 (2019) | Journal

Quantum Magnetism, Spin Waves, and Optical Cavities

Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy

(2019) | Journal | PDF

High throughput magnetic tweezers to characterize inhibitors of RNA virus replication

David Dulin

Virologie 23(6) 373-375 (2019) | Journal

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