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Three decades of photonic crystal fibres: new ways to control light

Fibres made of special glass and filled with a defined pattern of microscopic hollow channels are helping to better understand the sometimes strange...

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New Particle Analysis Technique Paves Way for Better Air Pollution Monitoring

Efficient monitoring of airborne particulate matter (PM), especially particles with aerodynamic diameter less than 2.5 μm (PM2.5), is crucial for...

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Recent trends in nonlinear optics and photonics: A mathematical modeling perspective

Professor Alejandro Aceves, Department of Mathematics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, USA
Library, A.2.500, Staudtstr. 2

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New publication in Optica: Thresholdless deep and vacuum ultraviolet Raman frequency conversion in hydrogen-filled photonic crystal fiber

Long-lived synchronised molecular motion excited in a hydrogen-filled hollow-core fibre can be used for selective frequency conversion of narrowband...

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New publication in Phys. Rev. Lett.: Polarization-Tailored Raman Frequency Conversion in Chiral Gas-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

As a novel platform for chiral nonlinear interactions, twisted hollow-core photonic crystal fibre filled with gas opens up new perspectives for...

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An introduction to conventional particle accelerators, and paths towards tomorrow's

Dr Francois Lemery, DESY, Hamburg
Seminar room, A.1.500


Particle accelerators have become invaluable tools for the exploration of...

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