IMPRS monthly meeting in Jena

Time and Place: Thursday May 23rd, day trip to Jena

Title of talk: Digital holography: The (almost) complete picture of light

Speaker: Dr. Bryan Nelsen (University of Pittsburgh)

Organisation: Victor Bock (FSU and IOF)

Abstract: Across all fields of the physical sciences, probing the properties of objects and events is almost ubiquitously made through optical interactions. From cameras to microscopes to spectrometers, etc., most tools used in the detection of light only unveil a fraction of the information contained within light. This presentation will demonstrate techniques in digital holography which serve to detect the full electric field, including the polarization and phase of light, as well as gather time-resolved information from the microsecond down to picosecond timescale. Combined with spectral information, a full 3D nm-resolution picture of the time evolution of an object can be created. This presentation contains the fundamentals of holography, including: wave propagation, holographic multiplexing, coherence gating and holographic wavefront structuring, as well as a few choice examples of modern applied holography.

A detailed programme will follow soon!

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