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Our hbar OMEGA – Student Chapter Erlangen

Our student chapter was officially registered at the OSA (now OPTICA) in 2007. Additionally, we lately founded an acknowledged non-profit corporation (“Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light Student Chapter of the Optical Society of America”) in order to facilitate financial and legal matters concerning the chapter.

The main objectives of the hbar OMEGA –  Student Chapter Erlangen are as follows:

  • enhancement of the quality of optics student life through the promotion of student community, student education and industrial contact
  • promotion of optical science and engineering among the academic and local communities through outreach and educational activities
  • strengthening of communication and interaction between students, faculties and administration
  • broadening of students’ insight of post-graduate opportunities by connecting our members with leaders from scientific institutions and companies employing physicist and engineers
  • social and scientific networking with other OPTICA Student Chapters 

We organize a variety of events in order to achieve these objective.

If your are interested in our activities we encourage you to become an active member of our chapter by sending an email to hbaromega@mpl.mpg.de!


The Optical Society (OSA, founded in 1916, now OPTICA) brings together optics and photonics scientists, engineers, educators and business leaders. The mission of the OPTICA is to promote the generation, application and archiving of knowledge in optics and photonics and to disseminate this knowledge worldwide. A driving force behind all OPTICA's initiatives is its commitment to excellence and long-term learning. OPTICA's membership totals 15,500 individuals from over 95 countries. 

OPTICA Student Chapters and International OPTICA Network of Students (IONS):
OPTICA has a worldwide network of Student Chapters and participation in one of them is a great way to build technical and leadership skills while networking with peers and the greater OPTICA community. OPTICA and the OPTICA Foundation provide each chapter with a wide range of benefits and professional development opportunities. Launched in 2006, the International OPTICA Network of Students (IONS) is a program that encourages student chapters to organize and manage regional and online meetings that focus on technical and professional development content and networking.  OPTICA supports IONS events through its guest lecturer program and provides administrative, marketing and event funding.

We are also a Section of the EPS Young Minds.

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