Secret Santa at MPL

For this year's Christmas event, the hBar Omega student chapter is organizing a Secret Santa between the members of our Institute.

The idea is to exchange gifts between the members of the institute. Every person gets one gift and receives one gift from a colleague. But from whom will be secret and randomly assigned, so you only know to whom you have to give a parcel. After placing the parcel under the institute's Christmas tree, you can pick up yours a bit later. The unpacking will be within small groups on the online Christmas event .


- register here with your MPL mail address
- (optional) add a note to your secret Santa like "I am allergic to nuts" or "I really don't like lamas"
- receive the name of the person you are going to get a present for
- put the present under the Chrismas tree, but don't forget a huge nametag
- get your present from the tree
- unpack your awesome and unique gift during the online Christmas event! 


- Please sign up for the Secret Santa by Tuesday 7nd December.
- Deliver your gift in the Foyer of the institute by Tuesday 14th December.
- Pick up the gift from Santa Claus and open it live at the Christmas Event  on Thursday 16th December.

The value of the gift should range between 5€ - 10€. You can also add a message that your Santa Claus will receive. 

In case of open questions feel free to contact us by email:



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