Secret Santa at MPL

For this year's Christmas event, the h-bar omega student chapter is organizing a Secret Santa between the members of our Institute.
The idea is to exchange gifts between the members of the institute. Every person gets one gift and receives one gift from a colleague. But from whom will be secret and randomly assigned, so you only know to whom you have to give a parcel. After placing the parcel under the institute's Christmas tree, you can pick up yours a bit later. The unpacking will be within small groups on the institute's online Christmas event.

  • Register with your MPL mail address
  • (Optional) Add a note to your secret Santa like "I am allergic to nuts" or "I really don't like llamas"
  • Receive the name of the person you are going to get a present for
  • Put the present under the Christmas tree, but don't forget a huge nametag to make it easy to find. 
  • Get your present from the tree
  • Unpack your awesome and unique gift during the institute's online Christmas event 


  • Please sign up for the Secret Santa by Wednesday 2nd December.
  • Deliver your gift in the Foyer of the institute by Wednesday 9th December.
  • Pick up the gift from Santa Claus and open it live at the Christmas Event on Tuesday 15th December.

The value of the gift should range between five and ten Euro. You can also add a message that your Santa Claus will receive. Please do not give away self made cookies or similar, due to corona.
In case of open questions feel free to contact the OSA student chapter by email:

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