Blue night

The "Blue Night" is one of the major cultural events hosted by the city of Nuremberg. Over 70 institutions in the historic inner city, such as the state theatre or the "German museum", take part in this program. They host over 100 different events covering various fields of interest ranging from arts to social sciences as well as public concerts and informational events on non-profit organizations. Approximately 140 000 visitors were attracted during this year’s event on the 7th of May, where the city was lighted in blue giving this event its name. This year, the hBar Omega Student Chapter Erlangen was hosted in the "German Museum Nuremberg", that provided us with space in a public lab to present our contributions. The "German Museum" is newly build and covers future technical applications and was suited very well for our contribution. In collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institute for the science of light (MPL), we presented 5 different experiments like the laser telephone or the polarization box and showed how MPL makes photonic crystal fibers. In two shifts we coordinated more than 20 helpers for 5 hours, explaining and promoting the physics of light to many hundred visitors of all ages. It was a pleasure to be part of such a huge outreach event and to contribute to the public’s understanding of science. We got lots of positive feedback and where able to transfer some basic knowledge of optics. Especially lots of kids were present.

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