Jahangir Nobakht

  • Doctoral Student
  • Room: A.3.216
  • Telephone: +49 9131 7133330
  • E-mail

Multi-Molecule Coherent Coupling through Long-Range Cavity Mediation

In this project, we aim to achieve efficient long-range coupling between several molecules by exploiting the properties of a Fabry-Pérot cavity. Our previous work has demonstrated that a single molecule coupled to such a cavity reacts nonlinearly to light at the single-photon level. Now, we seek to extend this concept to multiple molecules, enabling the detection of coherent multi-photon-multi-emitter processes in the Tavis-Cummings ladder. Using the cavity to mediate the interaction between the molecules allows for strong, coherent coupling even at long distances. This technique has the potential to open up new avenues for the study of complex quantum systems.

  • Unitary unraveling for the dissipative continuous spontaneous localization model: Application to optomechanical experiments
    J. Nobakht, M. Carlesso, S. Donadi, M. Paternostro, and A. Bassi
    Physical Review A 98, 042109 (2018)

  • Time-independent quantum circuits with local interactions
    S. Seifnashri, F. Kianvash, J. Nobakht, and V. Karimipour
    Physical Review A 93, 062342 (2016)

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