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Discovering Quantum Circuit Components with Program Synthesis

Leopoldo Sarra, Kevin Ellis, Florian Marquardt

arXiv 2305.01707 (2023) Preprint | PDF

Identification of a Distinct Monocyte-Driven Signature in Systemic Sclerosis Using Biophysical Phenotyping of Circulating Immune Cells

Alexandru-Emil Matei, Markéta Kubánková, Liyan Xu, Andrea-Hermina Györfi, Evgenia Boxberger, Despina Soteriou, Maria Papava, Julia Prater, Xuezhi Hong, et al.

Arthritis & Rheumatology 75(5) 768-781 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Dynamics of cell rounding during detachment

Agata Nyga, Katarzyna Plak, Martin Kräter, Marta Urbanska, Kyoohyun Kim, Jochen Guck, Buzz Baum

iScience 106696 (2023) | Journal

Quantum interference between distant creation processes

Johannes Pseiner, Manuel Erhard, Mario Krenn

arXiv 2304.03683 (2023) Preprint | PDF

Rapid single-cell physical phenotyping of mechanically dissociated tissue biopsies

Despina Soteriou, Markéta Kubánková, Christine Schweitzer, Rocío López-Posadas, Rahmita Pradhan, Oana-Maria Thoma, Andrea-Hermina Györfi, Alexandru-Emil Matei, Maximilian Waldner, et al.

nature biomedical engineering (2023) | Journal | PDF

Modulational instability and spectral broadening of vortex modes in chiral photonic crystal fibers

Paul Roth, Philip Russell, Michael Frosz, Yang Chen, Gordon Wong

Journal of Lightwave Technology 41(7) 2061-2069 (2023) | Journal

Confocal Interferometric Scattering Microscopy Reveals 3D Nanoscopic Structure and Dynamics in Live Cells

Michelle Küppers, David Albrecht, Anna D. Kashkanova, Jennifer Lühr, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Communications 14 1962 (2023) | Journal

Quantum Efficiency of Single Dibenzoterrylene Molecules in para-Dichlorobenzene at Cryogenic Temperatures

Mohammad Musavinezhad, Alexey Shkarin, Dominik Rattenbacher, Jan Renger, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar (2023) Preprint

Multiphoton non-local quantum interference controlled by an undetected photon

Kaiyi Qian, Kai Wang, Leizhen Chen, Hou Zhaohua, Mario Krenn, Shining Zhu, Xiao-Song Ma

Nature Communications 14 1480 (2023) (2023) | Journal | PDF

Classical Phase Space Crystals in Open Environment

Ali Emami Kopaei, Krzysztof Sacha, Lingzhen Guo

arXiv 2303.07856 (2023) Preprint | PDF

Impact of crowding on the diversity of expanding populations

Carl F. Schreck, Diana Fusco, Yuya Karita, Stephen Martis, Jona Kayser, Marie-Cécilia Duvernoy, Oskar Hallatschek

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 120(11) e2208361120 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Quench-drive spectroscopy and high-harmonic generation in BCS superconductors

Matteo Puviani, Rafael Haenel, Dirk Manske

Physical Review B (107) 094501 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Stimulated Raman transition in a single molecule

Johannes Zirkelbach, Burak Gürlek, Masoud Mirzaei, Alexey Shkarin, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

arXiv:2302.14733vl (2023) Preprint

Self-supervised machine learning pushes the sensitivity limit in label-free detection of single proteins below 10 kDa

Mahyar Dahmardeh, Houman Mirzaalian Dastjerdi, Hisham Mazal, Harald Köstler, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Methods (2023) | Journal

Crystal superlattices for versatile and sensitive quantum spectroscopy

Zi S. D. Toa, Maria V. Chekhova, Leonid A. Krivitsky, Anna V. Paterova

Optics Express 31(5) 7265-7276 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Topological phase diagrams of exactly solvable non-Hermitian interacting Kitaev chains

Sharareh Sayyad, Jose L. Lado

arXiv 2302.13561 (2023) Preprint | PDF

In situ Detection of Cobaloxime Intermediates During Photocatalysis Using Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Microreactors

Takashi Lawson, Alexander S. Gentleman, Jonathan Pinnell, Annika Eisenschmidt, Daniel Antón-García, Michael Frosz, Erwin Reisner, Tijmen G. Euser

Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English 62(9) e202214788 (2023) | Journal

Selective phase filtering of charged beams with laser-driven antiresonant hollow-core fibers

Luca Genovese, Max Kellermeier, Frank Mayet, Klaus Floettmann, Gordon Wong, Michael Frosz, Ralph Assmann, Philip Russell, Francois Lemery

Physical Review Research 5(1) 013096 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Deep learning of many-body observables and quantum information scrambling

Naeimeh Mohseni, Junheng Shi, Tim Byrnes, Michael Hartmann

arXiv 2302.04621 (2023) Preprint | PDF

Engineering Arbitrary Hamiltonians in Phase Space

Lingzhen Guo, Vittorio Peano

arXiv 2302.04257 (2023) Preprint | PDF

Recent advances in the Self-Referencing Embedding Strings (SELFIES) library

Alston Lo, Robert Pollice, AkshatKumar Nigam, Andrew D. White, Mario Krenn, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

arXiv 2302.03620 (2023) Preprint | PDF

Linear optical elements based on cooperative subwavelength emitter arrays

Nico S. Baßler, Michael Reitz, Kai P. Schmidt, Claudiu Genes

Optics Express 31 (4) 6003-6026 (2023) | PDF

Shear rheology of methyl cellulose based solutions for cell mechanical measurements at high shear rates

Beyza Büyükurganci, Santanu Kumar Basu, Markus Neuner, Jochen Guck, Andreas Wierschem, Felix Reichel

Soft Matter 19 1739-1748 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Optical Vortex Brillouin Laser

Xinglin Zeng, Philip Russell, Yang Chen, Zheqi Wang, Gordon Wong, Paul Roth, Michael Frosz, Birgit Stiller

Laser & Photonics Reviews 2200277 (2023) | Journal | PDF

From Dyson Models to Many-Body Quantum Chaos

Alexei Andreanov, Matteo Carrega, Jeff Murugan, Jan Olle, Dario Rosa, Ruth Shir

arXiv 2302.00917 (2023) Preprint | PDF

A quantum trajectory analysis of singular wave functions

Angel S. Sanz, Luis Sanchez-Soto, Andrea Aiello

arXiv: 2301.13207v1 (2023) | PDF

Embracing the diversity of model systems to deconstruct the basis of regeneration and tissue repair

Aldine Amiel, Stephanie Tsai, Daniel Wehner

Development 150(3) dev.201579 (2023) | Journal

An optofluidic antenna for enhancing the sensitivity of single-emitter measurements

Luis Morales-Inostroza, Julian Folz, Ralf Kühnemuth, Suren Felekyan, Franz Wieser, Claus A.M. Seidel, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar (2023)

On-chip interference of scattering from two individual molecules in plastic

Dominik Rattenbacher, Alexey Shkarin, Jan Renger, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

arXiv:2301.11024 Preprint

AI-discovery of a new charging protocol in a micromaser quantum battery

Carla Rodríguez, Dario Rosa, Jan Ollé

arXiv 2301.09408 (2023) Preprint | PDF

No-Collapse Accurate Quantum Feedback Control via Conditional State Tomography

Sangkha Borah, Bijita Sarma

arXiv 2301.07254 (2023) Preprint | PDF

On-chip quantum interference between the origins of a multi-photon state

Lan-Tian Feng, Ming Zhang, Di Liu, Yu-Jie Cheng, Guo-Ping Guo, Dao-Xin Dai, Guang-Can Guo, M. Krenn, Xi-Feng Ren

Optica 10(1) 2103.14277 105-109 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Roadmap on structured waves

K. Y. Bliokh, E. Karimi, M. J. Padgett, M. A. Alonso, M. R. Dennis, A. Dudley, A. Forbes, S. Zahedpour, S. W. Hancock, et al.

arXiv 2301.05349 (2023) Preprint | PDF

Quantum coherent control in pulsed waveguide optomechanics

Junyin Zhang, Changlong Zhu, Christian Wolff, Birgit Stiller

Physical Review Research 5(1) 013010 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Image-based cell sorting using focused travelling surface acoustic waves

Ahmad Ahsan Nawaz, Despina Soteriou, Catherine Xu, Ruchi Goswami, Maik Herbig, Jochen Guck, Salvatore Girardo

Lab on a Chip 23 372-387 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Epithelial RAC1-dependent cytoskeleton dynamics controls cell mechanics, cell shedding and barrier integrity in intestinal inflammation

Luz del Carmen Martínez-Sánchez, Phuong Anh Ngo, Rashmita Pradhan, Lukas-Sebastian Becker, David Boehringer, Despina Soteriou, Markéta Kubánková, Christine Schweitzer, Tatyana Koch, et al.

Gut 72(2) 275-294 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Photon pairs bi-directionally emitted from a resonant metasurface

Changjin Son, Vitaliy Sultanov, Tomas Santiago-Cruz, Aravind P. Anthur, Haizhong Zhang, Ramon Paniagua-Dominguez, Leonid Krivitsky, Arseniy I. Kuznetsov, Maria V. Chekhova

Nanoscale 15 2567-2572 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Quantum Technologies

Mario Krenn, Jonas Landgraf, Thomas Fösel, Florian Marquardt

Physical Review A (107) 010101 (2023) | Journal | PDF


Cooling microwave fields into general multimode Gaussian states

Nahid Yazdi, Juan José García-Ripoll, Diego Porras, Carlos Navarrete-Benlloch

arXiv 2212.14413 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Protection of all nondefective twofold degeneracies by antiunitary symmetries in non-Hermitian systems

Sharareh Sayyad

Physical Review Research 4(4) 043213 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Evolutionary rescue of resistant mutants is governed by a balance between radial expansion and selection in compact populations

Serhii Aif, Nico Appold, Lucas Kampman, Oskar Hallatschek, Jona Kayser

Nature 13 7916 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Temporal Self-Compression and Self-Frequency Shift of Submicrojoule Pulses at a Repetition Rate of 8 MHz

Francesco Tani, Jacob Lampen, Martin Butryn, Michael Frosz, Jie Jiang, Martin E. Fermann, Philip Russell

Physical Review Applied 18 064069 (2022) | Journal

Caveolin-1 dolines form a distinct and rapid caveolae-independent mechanoadaptation system

Fidel-Nicolás Lolo, Nikhil Walani, Eric Seemann, Dobryna Zalvidea, Dácil María Pavón, Gheorghe Cojoc, Moreno Zamai, Christine Varis de Lesegno, Fernando Martínez de Benito, et al.

Nature Cell Biology 25 120-133 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Spectral theorem for dummies: A pedagogical discussion on quantum probability and random variable theory

Andrea Aiello

arxiv: 2211.12742 | PDF

Deep learning of spatial densities in inhomogeneous correlated quantum systems

Alex Blania, Sandro Herbig, Fabian Dechent, Evert van Nieuwenburg, Florian Marquardt

arXiv 2211.09050 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Interferometric nanoparticle tracking analysis enables label-free discrimination of extracellular vesicles from large lipoproteins

Anna D. Kashkanova, Martin Blessing, Marie Reischke, Andreas S. Baur, Vahid Sandoghdar, Jan Van Deun (2022)

Complex decoherence-free interactions between giant atoms

Lei Du, Lingzhen Guo, Yong Li

arXiv 2211.00280 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Realizing a deep reinforcement learning agent discovering real-time feedback control strategies for a quantum system

Kevin Reuer, Jonas Landgraf, Thomas Fösel, James O'Sullivan, Liberto Beltrán, Abdulkadir Akin, Graham J. Norris, Ants Remm, Michael Kerschbaum, et al.

arXiv 2210.16715 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Helicity, chirality, and spin of optical fields without vector potentials

Andrea Aiello

Physical Review A 106(4) 043519 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Nonreciprocal vortex isolator via topology-selective stimulated Brillouin scattering

Xinglin Zeng, Philip Russell, Christian Wolff , Michael Frosz, Gordon Wong, Birgit Stiller

Science Advances 8(42) eabq6064 (2022) | Journal

Digital Discovery of a Scientific Concept at the Core of Experimental Quantum Optics

Sören Arlt, Carlos Ruiz-Gonzalez, Mario Krenn

arXiv 2210.09981 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Digital Discovery of 100 diverse Quantum Experiments with PyTheus

Carlos Ruiz-Gonzalez, Sören Arlt, Jan Petermann, Sharareh Sayyad, Tareq Jaouni, Ebrahim Karimi, Nora Tischler, Xuemei Gu, Mario Krenn

arXiv 2210.09980 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Theory of Laser-Assisted Nuclear Excitation by Electron Capture

Pavlo Bilous

arXiv 2210.07708 (2022) Preprint | PDF

SELFIES and the future of molecular string representations

Mario Krenn, Qianxiang Ai, Senja Barthel, Nessa Carson, Angelo Frei, Nathan C. Frey, Pascal Friederich, Théophile Gaudin, Alberto Alexander Gayle, et al.

Patterns 3(10) 100588 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Design of quantum optical experiments with logic artificial intelligence

Alba Cervera-Lierta, Mario Krenn, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

Quantum 6(836) (2022) | Journal | PDF

Ultralong Imaging Range Chromatic Confocal Microscopy

Gargi Sharma, Kanwarpal Singh

Advanced Photonics Research 2200116 (2022) | Journal | PDF

On scientific understanding with artificial intelligence

Mario Krenn, Robert Pollice, Si Yue Guo, Matteo Aldeghi, Alba Cervera-Lierta, Pascal Friederich, Gabriel dos Passos Gomes, Florian Häse, Adrian Jinich, et al.

Nature Reviews Physics (2022) | Journal | PDF

Two-photon-absorption measurements in the presence of single-photon losses

Shahram Panahiyan, Carlos Sánchez Muñoz, Maria V. Chekhova, Frank Schlawin

Physical Review A 106 043706 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Investigation of inverse design of multilayer thin-films with conditional invertible Neural Networks

Alexander Luce, Ali Mahdavi, Heribert Wankerl, Florian Marquardt

arXiv 2210.04629 (2022) Preprint | PDF

The deep space quantum link: prospective fundamental physics experiments using long-baseline quantum optics

Makan Mohageg, Luca Mazzarella, Charis Anastopoulos, Jason Gallicchio, Bei-Lok Hu, Thomas Jennewein, Spencer Johnson, Shih-Yuin Lin, Alexander Ling, et al.

EPJ Quantum Technology 9(25) (2022) | Journal | PDF

Predicting the Future of AI with AI: High-quality link prediction in an exponentially growing knowledge network

Mario Krenn, Lorenzo Buffoni, Bruno Coutinho, Sagi Eppel, Jacob Gates Foster, Andrew Gritsevskiy, Harlin Lee, Yichao Lu, Joao P. Moutinho, et al.

arXiv 2210.00881 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Label-free monitoring of proteins in optofluidic hollow-core photonic crystal fibres

Jan R. Heck , Ermanno Miele, Ralf Mouthaan, Michael Frosz, Tuomas P J Knowles, Tijmen G Euser

Methods and Applications in Fluorescence 10 045008 (2022) | Journal

Deep-learning approach for large atomic structure calculations

Pavlo Bilous, Adriana Pálffy, Florian Marquardt

arxiv 2209.05867 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Tunneling-induced fractal transmission in Valley Hall waveguides

Tirth Shah, Florian Marquardt, Vittorio Peano

arXiv 2209.06188 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Analysis of the signal measured in spectral-domain optical coherence tomography based on nonlinear interferometers

Arturo Rojas-Santana, Gerard J. Machado, Maria V. Chekhova, Dorilian Lopez-Mago, Juan P. Torres

Physical Review A (2022) | Journal

Strong circular dichroism for the HE11 mode in twisted single-ring hollow-core photonic crystal fiber: erratum

Paul Roth, Yang Chen, Mehmet Can Günendi, Ramin Beravat, Nitin Edavalath, Michael Frosz, Goran Ahmed, Gordon Wong, Philip Russell

Optica 9(9) 1037-1038 (2022) | Journal

Viscoelastic properties of suspended cells measured with shear flow deformation cytometry

Richard Gerum, Elham Mirzahossein, Mar Eroles, Jennifer Elsterer, Astrid Mainka, Andreas Bauer, Selina Sonntag, Alexander Winterl, Johannes Bartl, et al.

eLife 11 e78823 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Erratum to “Bragg Reflection and Conversion Between Helical Bloch Modes in Chiral Three-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber”

Sébastien Loranger, Yang Chen, Paul Roth, Michael Frosz, Gordon Wong, Philip Russell

Journal of Lightwave Technology 40(22) 7479-7479 (2022) | Journal

Stern–Volmer analysis of photocatalyst fluorescence quenching within hollow-core photonic crystal fibre microreactors

Alexander S. Gentleman, Takashi Lawson, Matthew G. Ellis, Molly Davis, Jacob Turner-Dore, Alison S. H. Ryder, Michael Frosz, Maria Ciaccia, Erwin Reisner, et al.

Chemical Communications 58 10548 (2022) | Journal

Resonant metasurfaces for generating complex quantum states

Tomas Santiago-Cruz, Sylvain D. Gennaro, Oleg Mitrofanov, Sadhvikas Addamane, John Reno, Igal Brener, Maria V. Chekhova

Science 377(6609) 991-995 (2022) | Journal

Cooperative subwavelength molecular quantum emitter arrays

Raphael Holzinger, Sue Ann Oh, Michael Reitz, Helmut Ritsch, Claudiu Genes

Physical Review Research 4 033116 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Recent advances in petahertz electric field sampling

Andreas Herbst, Kilian Scheffter, M.M. Bidhendi, M. Kieker, Anchit Srivastava, Hanieh Fattahi

Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 55 172001 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Robust Tipless Positioning Device for Near-Field Investigations: Press and Roll Scan (PROscan)

Hsuan-Wei Liu, Michael A. Becker, Korenobu Matsuzaki, Randhir Kumar, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

ACS Nano 16 12831-12839 (2022) | Journal

Classical model of spontaneous parametric down-conversion

Girish Kulkarni, Jeremy Rioux, Boris Braverman, Maria V. Chekhova, Robert W. Boyd

Physical Review Research (2022) | Journal

Metasurfaces for quantum technologies

Kai Wang, Maria V. Chekhova, Yuri S. Kivshar

Physics Today (2022) | Journal

Control of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov States through a Bosonic Mode

Helene Müller, Martin Eckstein, Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy

arXiv:2207.14180 (2022) | PDF

Protocol for generating an arbitrary quantum state of the magnetization in cavity magnonics

Sanchar Sharma, Victor A. S. V. Bittencourt, Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy

Journal of Physics: Materials 5(3) 034006 (2022) | Journal

Curiosity in exploring chemical spaces: Intrinsic rewards for deep molecular reinforcement learning

Luca A. Thiede, Mario Krenn, AkshatKumar Nigam, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

Machine Learning: Science and Technology (3) 035008 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Direct optical probe of magnon topology in two-dimensional quantum magnets

Emil Viñas Boström, Tahereh S. Parvini, James W. McIver, Angel Rubio, Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy, Michael A. Sentef

arXiv: 2207.04745 (2022)

Flat-optics generation of broadband photon pairs with tunable polarization entanglement

Vitaliy Sultanov, José Tomás Santiago-Cruz, Maria V. Chekhova

Optics Letters (2022) | Journal

Quantitative phase imaging through an ultra-thin lensless fiber endoscope

Jiawei Sun, Jiachen Wu, Ruchi Goswami, Salvatore Girardo, Liangcai Cao, Jochen Guck, Nektarios Koukourakis, Jürgen W. Czarske

Light: Science & Applications 11 204 (2022) | Journal | PDF

PNIPAAm microgels with defined network architecture as temperature sensors in optical stretchers

Nicolas Hauck, Timon Beck, Gheorghe Cojoc, Raimund Schlüßler, Saeed Ahmed, Ivan Raguzin, Martin Mayer, Jonas Schubert, Paul Müller, et al.

Materials Advances 3 6179-6190 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Topologically Protected Transport in Engineered Mechanical Systems

Tirth Shah, Christian Brendel, Vittorio Peano, Florian Marquardt

arXiv 2206.12337 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Long COVID: Association of Functional Autoantibodies against G-Protein-Coupled Receptors with an Impaired Retinal Microcirculation

Charlotte Szewczykowski, Christian Mardin, Marianna Lucio, Gerd Wallukat, Jakob Hoffmanns, Thora Schröder, Franziska Raith, Lennart Rogge, Felix Heltmann, et al.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23(13) 7209 (2022) | Journal | PDF

A non-separability measure for spatially disjoint vectorial fields

Andrea Aiello, Xiao-Bo Hu, Valeria Rodríguez-Fajardo, Andrew Forbes, Raul I. Hernandez-Aranda, Benjamin Perez-Garcia, Carmelo Rosales-Guzmán

New Journal of Physics 24 063032 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Quantum State Preparation with Weak Nonlinear Measurements

Riccardo Porotti, Antoine Essig, Benjamin Huard, Florian Marquardt

Quantum (6) (2022) | Journal | PDF

In vivo assessment of mechanical properties during axolotl development and regeneration using confocal Brillouin microscopy

Camilo Riquelme-Guzmán, Timon Beck, Sandra Edwards-Jorquera, Raimund Schlüßler, Paul Müller, Jochen Guck, Stephanie Möllmert, Tatiana Sandoval-Guzmán

Open Biology 12(6) 220078 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Quantum indistinguishability by path identity and with undetected photons

Armin Hochrainer, Mayukh Lahiri, Manuel Erhard, Mario Krenn, Anton Zeilinger

Reviews of Modern Physics 94(2) 025007 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Amoeboid-like migration ensures correct horizontal cell layer formation in the developing vertebrate retina

Rana Amini, Archit Bhatnagar, Raimund Schlüßler, Stephanie Möllmert, Jochen Guck, Caren Norden

eLife 11 e76408 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Adipose cells and tissues soften with lipid accumulation while in diabetes adipose tissue stiffens

Shada Abuhattum, Petra Kotzbeck, Raimund Schlüßler, Alexandra Harger, Angela Ariza de Schellenberger, Kyoohyun Kim, Joan-Carles Escolano, Torsten Müller, Jürgen Braun, et al.

Scientific Reports 12 10325 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Topological phonon transport in an optomechanical system

Hengjiang Ren, Tirth Shah, Hannes Pfeifer, Christian Brendel, Vittorio Peano, Florian Marquardt, Oskar Painter

Nature Communications 13 3476 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Learning Interpretable Representations of Entanglement in Quantum Optics Experiments using Deep Generative Models

Daniel Flam-Shepherd, Tony Wu, Xuemei Gu, Alba Cervera-Lierta, M. Krenn, Alan Aspuru-Guzik

Nature Machine Intelligence s42256-022-00493-5 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Learning Quantum Systems

Valentin Gebhart, Raffaele Santagati, Antonio Andrea Gentile, Erik Gauger, David Craig, Natalia Ares, Leonardo Banchi, Florian Marquardt, Luca Pezzè, et al.

arXiv 2207.00298 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Deciphering a hexameric protein complex with Angstrom optical resolution

Hisham Mazal, Franz Wieser, Vahid Sandoghdar

eLife 11 e76308 (2022) | Journal

Theory of phase-adaptive parametric cooling

Alekhya Ghosh, Pardeep Kumar, Fidel Jimenez, Vivishek Sudhir, Claudiu Genes

arXiv: 2205.12791 | PDF

One more time on the helicity decomposition of spin and orbital optical currents

Andrea Aiello

Journal of Physics A 55 244004 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Realizing exceptional points of any order in the presence of symmetry

Sharareh Sayyad, Flore K. Kunst

Physical Review Research 4(2) 023130 (2022) | Journal

Deep Learning of Quantum Many-Body Dynamics via Random Driving

Naeimeh Mohseni, Thomas Fösel, Lingzhen Guo, Carlos Navarrete-Benlloch, Florian Marquardt

Quantum (6) (2022) | Journal | PDF

Depth of focus extension in optical coherence tomography using ultrahigh chromatic dispersion of zinc selenide

Maria N. Romodina, Kanwarpal Singh

Journal of Biophotonics 15(8) e202200051 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Optimal broad-band frequency conversion via a magnetomechanical transducer

Fabian Engelhardt, Victor A. S. V. Bittencourt, Hans Huebl, Olivier Klein , Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy

arXiv:2205.05088 2205.05088 (2022)

Anomalous Behaviors of Quantum Emitters in Non-Hermitian Baths

Zongping Gong, Miguel Bello, Daniel Malz, Flore K. Kunst

arXiv 2205.05479 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Bound states and photon emission in non-Hermitian nanophotonics

Zongping Gong, Miguel Bello, Daniel Malz, Flore K. Kunst

arXiv 2205.05490 (2022) Preprint | PDF

TMM-Fast: A Transfer Matrix Computation Package for Multilayer Thin-Film Optimization: tutorial

Alexander Luce, Ali Mahdavi, Florian Marquardt, Heribert Wankerl

Journal of the Optical Society of America A-Optics Image Science and Vision 39(6) 1007-1013 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Topological interface of light

Flore K. Kunst

Nature Physics 18(6) 609-610 (2022) | Journal

News & Views

Precision size and refractive index analysis of weakly scattering nanoparticles in polydispersions

Anna D. Kashkanova, Martin Blessing, André Gemeinhardt, Didier Soulat, Vahid Sandoghdar

Nature Methods 19 586-593 (2022) | Journal

Optomagnonics in Dispersive Media: Magnon-Photon Coupling Enhancement at the Epsilon-near-Zero Frequency

V. A. S. V. Bittencourt, I. Liberal, S. Viola-Kusminskiy

Physical Review Letters 128(18) 183603 (2022) | Journal

Tunable and state-preserving frequency conversion of single photons in hydrogen

Rinat Tyumenev, Jonas Hammer, Nicolas Joly, Philip St.J. Russell, David Novoa

Science 376(6593) 621-624 (2022) | Journal

Observing polarization patterns in the collective motion of nanomechanical arrays

Juliane Doster, Tirth Shah, Thomas Fösel, Philipp Paulitschke, Florian Marquardt, Eva Weig

Nature Communications 13 2478 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Ising machines: Hardware solvers for combinatorial optimization problems

Naeimeh Mohseni, Peter McMahon, Tim Byrnes

Nature Reviews Physics 4 363-379 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Best practices for reporting throughput in biomedical research

Maik Herbig, Akihiro Isozaki, Dino Di Carlo, Jochen Guck, Nao Nitta, Robert Damoiseaux, Shogo Kamikawaji, Eigo Suyama, Hirofumi Shintaku, et al.

Nature Methods 19 633-634 (2022) | Journal | PDF

mRNA Subtype of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Significantly Affects Key Characteristics of Head and Neck Cancer Cells

Barbora Peltanová, Hana Holcová Polanská, Martina Raudenská, Jan Balvan, Jiri Navrátil, Tomás Vicar, Jaromir Gumulec, Barbora Cechová, Martin Kräter, et al.

Cancers / Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) 14(9) 2286 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Symmetry-protected exceptional and nodal points in non-Hermitian systems

Sharareh Sayyad, Marcus Stålhammar, Lukas Rødland, Flore K. Kunst

arXiv 2204.13945 (2022) Preprint

A Proposal to Perform High Contrast Imaging of Human Palatine Tonsil with Cross Polarized Optical Coherence Tomography

Gargi Sharma, Asha Parmar, Franziska Hoffmann, Katharina Geißler, Ferdinand von Eggeling, Orlando Guntinas-Lichius, Kanwarpal Singh

Photonics 9(259) (2022) | Journal | PDF

Modern applications of machine learning in quantum sciences

Anna Dawid, Julian Arnold, Borja Requena, Alexander Gresch, Marcin Płodzień, Kaelan Donatella, Kim Nicoli, Paolo Stornati, Rouven Koch, et al.

arXiv 2204.04198 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Depressive disorders are associated with increased peripheral blood cell deformability: a cross-sectional case-control study (Mood-Morph)

Andreas Walther, Anne Mackens-Kiani, Julian Eder, Maik Herbig, Christoph Herold, Clemens Kirschbaum, Jochen Guck, Lucas Wittwer, Katja Beesdo-Baum, et al.

Translational Psychiatry 12 150 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Changes in Blood Cell Deformability in Chorea-Acanthocytosis and Effects of Treatment With Dasatinib or Lithium

Felix Reichel, Martin Kräter, Kevin Peikert, Hannes Glaß, Philipp Rosendahl, Maik Herbig, Alejandro Rivera Prieto, Alexander Kihm, Giel Bosman, et al.

Frontiers in Physiology 13 852946 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Unbiased retrieval of frequency-dependent mechanical properties from noisy time-dependent signals

Shada Abuhattum, Hui-Shun Kuan, Paul Mueller, Jochen Guck, Vasily Zaburdaev

Biophysical Reports 2(3) 100054 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Hollow-core optical fibre sensors for operando Raman spectroscopy investigation of Li-ion battery liquid electrolytes

Ermanno Miele, Wesley M. Dose, Ilya Manyakin, Michael Frosz, Zachary Ruff, Michael F. L. De Volder, Clare P. Grey, Jeremy J. Baumberg, Tijmen G. Euser

Nature Communications 13 1651 (2022) | Journal

PiSCAT: A Python Package for Interferometric Scattering Microscopy

Houman Mirzaalian Dastjerdi, Reza Gholami Mahmoodabadi, Matthias Bär, Vahid Sandoghdar, Harald Köstler

The Journal of Open Source Software 7(71) 4024 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Introduction to quantum optics

Carlos Navarrete-Benlloch

arXiv 2203.13206 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Quantum physics in space

Alessio Belenchia, Matteo Carlesso, Ömer Bayraktar, Daniele Dequal, Ivan Derkach, Giulio Gasbarri, Waldemar Herr, Ying Lia Li, Markus Rademacher, et al.

Physics Reports 951 1-70 (2022) | Journal | PDF

High-resolution vibronic spectroscopy of a single molecule embedded in a crystal

Johannes Zirkelbach, Masoud Mirzaei, Irena Deperasińska, Boleslaw Kozankiewicz, Burak Gürlek, Alexey Shkarin, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar

The Journal of Chemical Physics 156 104301 (2022) | Journal

Gradient Ascent Pulse Engineering with Feedback

Riccardo Porotti, Vittorio Peano, Florian Marquardt

arXiv 2203.04271v1 (2022) Preprint | PDF

An explicit model to extract viscoelastic properties of cells from AFM force-indentation curves

Shada Abuhattum Hofemeier, Dominic Mokbel, Paul Müller, Despina Soteriou, Jochen Guck, Sebastian Aland

iScience 25(4) 104016 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Polarization Independent Optical Coherence Tomography

Asha Parmar, Gargi Sharma, Kanwarpal Singh

IEEE Photonics Journal 14(2) (2022) | Journal | PDF

Nonreciprocal and chiral single-photon scattering for giant atoms

Yao-Tong Chen, Lei Du, Lingzhen Guo, Zhihai Wang, Yan Zhang, Yong Li, Jin-Hui Wu

arXiv 2203.00823 (2022) Preprint | PDF

Phase Space Crystal Vibrations: Chiral Edge States with Preserved Time-reversal Symmetry

Lingzhen Guo, Vittorio Peano, Florian Marquardt

Physical Review B 105(9) 094301 (2022) | Journal | PDF

suggested by editors

An exception to the rule? Regeneration of the injured spinal cord in the spiny mouse

Daniel Wehner, Catherina G. Becker

Developmental Cell 57(4) 415-416 (2022) | Journal

Experimental high-dimensional Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger entanglement with superconducting transmon qutrits

Alba Cervera-Lierta, Mario Krenn, Alan Aspuru-Guzik, Alexey Galda

Physical Review Applied 17(2) 024062 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Stimulated Brillouin scattering in chiral photonic crystal fiber

Xinglin Zeng, Wenbin He, Michael Frosz, Andreas Geilen, Paul Roth, Gordon Wong, Philip Russell, Birgit Stiller

Photonics Research 10(3) 711-718 (2022) | Journal

Quantitative imaging of Caenorhabditis elegans dauer larvae during cryptobiotic transition

Kyoohyun Kim, Vamshidhar Gade, Teymuras V. Kurzchalia, Jochen Guck

Biophysical Journal 121(7) 1219-1229 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Efficient Excitation of High-Purity Modes in Arbitrary Waveguide Geometries

Ralf Mouthaan, Peter J. Christopher, Jonathan Pinnell, Michael Frosz, George Gordon, Timothy D. Wilkinson, Tijmen G. Euser

Journal of Lightwave Technology 40(4) 1150-1160 (2022) | Journal

Advances in Magnetics Roadmap on Spin-Wave Computing

A. V. Chumak, P. Kabos, M. Wu, C. Abert, C. Adelmann, A. Adeyeye, J. Åkerman, F. G. Aliev, A. Anane, et al.

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 58(6) 0800172 (2022) | Journal

Cascaded frequency up-conversion of bright squeezed vacuum: spectral and correlation properties

Andrei V. Rasputnyi, Denis A. Kopylov, Tatiana V. Murzina, Maria V. Chekhova

Optics Letters 47(4) 766-769 (2022) | Journal

Nonlinear microscopy using impulsive stimulated Brillouin scattering for high-speed elastography

Benedikt Krug, Nektarios Koukourakis, Jochen Guck, Jürgen Czarske

Optics Express 30(4) 4748-4758 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Cross-Polarized Optical Coherence Tomography System with Unpolarized Light

Georg R. Hartl, Asha Parmar, Gargi Sharma, Kanwarpal Singh

Photonics 9(76) (2022) | Journal | PDF

Single photon sources for quantum radiometry: a brief review about the current state‑of‑the‑art

Stefan Kück, Marco López, Helmuth Hofer, Hristina Georgieva, Justus Christinck, Beatrice Rodiek, Geiland Porrovecchio, Marek Smid, Stephan Götzinger, et al.

Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 128 28 (2022) | Journal

Label-free imaging flow cytometry for analysis and sorting of enzymatically dissociated tissues

Maik Herbig, Karen Tessmer, Martin Nötzel, Ahmad Ahsan Nawaz, Tiago Santos-Ferreira, Oliver Borsch, Sylvia J. Gasparini, Jochen Guck, Marius Ader

Scientific Reports 12 963 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Machine learning assisted real-time deformability cytometry of CD34+ cells allows to identify patients with myelodysplastic syndromes

Maik Herbig, Angela Jacobi, Manja Wobus, Heike Weidner, Anna Mies, Martin Kräter, Oliver Otto, Christian Thiede, Marie-Theresa Weickert, et al.

Scientific Reports 12 870 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Mechanical spinal cord transection in larval zebrafish and subsequent whole-mount histological processing

Nora John, Julia Kolb, Daniel Wehner

STAR Protocols 3(1) (2022) | Journal | PDF

Bright squeezed vacuum for two-photon spectroscopy: simultaneously high resolution in time and frequency, space and wavevector

Paula Cutipa, Maria V. Chekhova

Optics Letters 47(3) 465-468 (2022) | Journal

Light propagation and magnon-photon coupling in optically dispersive magnetic media

V. A. S. V. Bittencourt, I. Liberal, S. Viola-Kusminskiy

Physical Review B 105(1) 014409 (2022) | Journal

Correlative all-optical quantification of mass density and mechanics of subcellular compartments with fluorescence specificity

Raimund Schlüßler, Kyoohyun Kim, Martin Nötzel, Anna Taubenberger, Shada Abuhattum, Timon Beck, Paul Müller, Shovamaye Maharana, Gheorghe Cojoc, et al.

eLife (11) e68490 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Cooperative quantum phenomena in light-matter platforms

Michael Reitz, Christian Sommer, Claudiu Genes

PRX Quantum 3 010201 (2022) | Journal | PDF

Comparison of back focal plane imaging of nitrogen vacancy centers in nanodiamond and core-shell CdSe/CdS quantum dots

Justus Christinck, Beatrice Rodiek, Marco Lopez , Hristina Georgieva, Stephan Götzinger, Stefan Kück

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2149 012014 (2022) | Journal

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