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Low-noise supercontinuum generation in chiral all-normal dispersion photonic crystal fibers

Markus Lippl, Michael H. Frosz, Nicolas Y. Joly

Optics Letters 48(20) 5297-5300 (2023) | Journal

Low-Volume Reaction Monitoring of Carbon Dot Light Absorbers in Optofluidic Microreactors

Takashi Lawson, Alexander S. Gentleman , Ava Lage, Carla Casadevall, Jie Xiao, Tristan Petit, Michael Frosz, Erwin Reisner, Tijmen G. Euser

ACS Catalysis 13 9090-9101 (2023) | Journal

Protecting Quantum Modes in Optical Fibers

Muhammad Abdullah Butt, Paul Roth, Gordon Wong, Michael Frosz, Luis Sanchez-Soto, E. A. Anashkina, A. V. Andrianov, Peter Banzer, Philip Russell, et al.

Physical Review Applied 19 054080 (2023) | Journal

Modulational instability and spectral broadening of vortex modes in chiral photonic crystal fibers

Paul Roth, Philip Russell, Michael Frosz, Yang Chen, Gordon Wong

Journal of Lightwave Technology 41(7) 2061-2069 (2023) | Journal

In situ Detection of Cobaloxime Intermediates During Photocatalysis Using Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Microreactors

Takashi Lawson, Alexander S. Gentleman, Jonathan Pinnell, Annika Eisenschmidt, Daniel Antón-García, Michael Frosz, Erwin Reisner, Tijmen G. Euser

Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English 62(9) e202214788 (2023) | Journal

Selective phase filtering of charged beams with laser-driven antiresonant hollow-core fibers

Luca Genovese, Max Kellermeier, Frank Mayet, Klaus Floettmann, Gordon Wong, Michael Frosz, Ralph Assmann, Philip Russell, Francois Lemery

Physical Review Research 5(1) 013096 (2023) | Journal | PDF

Optical Vortex Brillouin Laser

Xinglin Zeng, Philip Russell, Yang Chen, Zheqi Wang, Gordon Wong, Paul Roth, Michael Frosz, Birgit Stiller

Laser & Photonics Reviews 2200277 (2023) | Journal | PDF


Temporal Self-Compression and Self-Frequency Shift of Submicrojoule Pulses at a Repetition Rate of 8 MHz

Francesco Tani, Jacob Lampen, Martin Butryn, Michael Frosz, Jie Jiang, Martin E. Fermann, Philip Russell

Physical Review Applied 18 064069 (2022) | Journal

Nonreciprocal vortex isolator via topology-selective stimulated Brillouin scattering

Xinglin Zeng, Philip Russell, Christian Wolff , Michael Frosz, Gordon Wong, Birgit Stiller

Science Advances 8(42) eabq6064 (2022) | Journal

Label-free monitoring of proteins in optofluidic hollow-core photonic crystal fibres

Jan R. Heck , Ermanno Miele, Ralf Mouthaan, Michael Frosz, Tuomas P J Knowles, Tijmen G Euser

Methods and Applications in Fluorescence 10 045008 (2022) | Journal

Strong circular dichroism for the HE11 mode in twisted single-ring hollow-core photonic crystal fiber: erratum

Paul Roth, Yang Chen, Mehmet Can Günendi, Ramin Beravat, Nitin Edavalath, Michael Frosz, Goran Ahmed, Gordon Wong, Philip Russell

Optica 9(9) 1037-1038 (2022) | Journal

Erratum to “Bragg Reflection and Conversion Between Helical Bloch Modes in Chiral Three-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber”

Sébastien Loranger, Yang Chen, Paul Roth, Michael Frosz, Gordon Wong, Philip Russell

Journal of Lightwave Technology 40(22) 7479-7479 (2022) | Journal

Stern–Volmer analysis of photocatalyst fluorescence quenching within hollow-core photonic crystal fibre microreactors

Alexander S. Gentleman, Takashi Lawson, Matthew G. Ellis, Molly Davis, Jacob Turner-Dore, Alison S. H. Ryder, Michael Frosz, Maria Ciaccia, Erwin Reisner, et al.

Chemical Communications 58 10548 (2022) | Journal

Hollow-core optical fibre sensors for operando Raman spectroscopy investigation of Li-ion battery liquid electrolytes

Ermanno Miele, Wesley M. Dose, Ilya Manyakin, Michael Frosz, Zachary Ruff, Michael F. L. De Volder, Clare P. Grey, Jeremy J. Baumberg, Tijmen G. Euser

Nature Communications 13 1651 (2022) | Journal

Stimulated Brillouin scattering in chiral photonic crystal fiber

Xinglin Zeng, Wenbin He, Michael Frosz, Andreas Geilen, Paul Roth, Gordon Wong, Philip Russell, Birgit Stiller

Photonics Research 10(3) 711-718 (2022) | Journal

Efficient Excitation of High-Purity Modes in Arbitrary Waveguide Geometries

Ralf Mouthaan, Peter J. Christopher, Jonathan Pinnell, Michael Frosz, George Gordon, Timothy D. Wilkinson, Tijmen G. Euser

Journal of Lightwave Technology 40(4) 1150-1160 (2022) | Journal












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