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Current press releases

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Are you interested in our work and would like to be included in our press distribution list? Simply send an e-mail to MPLpresse@mpl.mpg.de.

Press office

Feel free to contact us if you need information about the MPL, press photos or background information on a press release. We are also the right contact if you would like to conduct an expert interview with one of our scientists.


Please get in touch with us and send your enquiry to MPLpresse@mpl.mpg.de



MPL Newsletter

Once or twice a year we publish the MPL Newsletter. It informs about our research and current developments at the institute. The current newsletter and all previous issues are available for download. If you would like to receive the MPL Newsletter in printed form, you can register here.


The research magazine of the Max Planck Society is published four times a year and is aimed at everybody interested in science. It offers an insight into research at the more than 80 Max Planck Institutes and is dedicated to one research topic each. The magazine can be downloaded from the website of the Max Planck Society. There you can also subscribe to the printed magazine free of charge.

MAX series

The booklets of the MAX series (German only) are made for school pupils. The four-page brochures convey basic knowledge on specific topics in a way that is easy to understand, making them an ideal supplement to schoolbooks. There are three different editions, each dedicated to one branch of research: BIOMAX (biology), TECHMAX (chemistry and physics) and GEOMAX (geology). More information, download and ordering options are available on the website max-wissen.


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