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18 September 2023: Complex sugar structures on the cell surface to shine light on cancer development and immune system regulation
5 September 2023: No one and nothing can stop physicist Flore Kunst: A Max Planck researcher in the fast lane
30 August 2023: Efficient training for artificial intelligence
1 August 2023: A dual carriageway for signals
17 May 2023: Where Quantum Particles Are Born: AI Reveals New Insights Beyond Entanglement
6 April 2023: How to create an artifical pathologist
10 March 2023: How artificial intelligence can improve protein detection
8 March 2023: „Little noticed, but of enormous influence: Tissue mechanics affect the growth and metastasis of cancer."
7 February 2023: How physics changes drug resistance evolution


19 October 2022: Breakthrough in optical information transmission: One-Way Street for optical vortices
26 August 2022: Metasurfaces offer new possibilities for quantum research
28 July 2022: „Für die Patienten ein gewinnbringendes Duo“: Richtfest für das Max-Planck-Zentrum für Physik und Medizin (German only)
15 June 2022: Internationales Jahr des Glases (German only)
9 May 2022: A new method for exploring the nano-world


2 November 2021: Founding Director Gerd Leuchs Becomes Vice President of the Physics Organisation Optica
10 August 2021: First quantum-secured videoconference between two federal agencies
17 June 2021: How a corona infection changes blood cells in the long run
19 May 2021: „Ökosystem für Ideen und Kreativität“: Grundsteinlegung des neuen Max-Planck-Zentrums für Physik und Medizin (German only)
12 May 2021: Efficiently smuggling drugs into cells
27 April 2021: Emmy Noether Group for Jona Kayser
8 April 2021: Fast and efficient diagnoses through artificial intelligence
6 January 2021: When severed spinal cord grows back together again


28 December 2020: Darkness from light
2 December 2020: BMBF initiative "QuNET" presents systems for highly secure quantum communication
16 November 2020: Glycocalyx: New research group investigates the sweet husk around cells
25 May 2020: Max Planck researchers develop the "ultimate cell sorter"
7 May 2020: Light, sound, action: Extending the life of sound waves
7 April 2020: Das Coronaskop (German only)
24 February 2020: Sensitive detection of molecules


2 October 2019: Neue Max-Planck-Forschungsgruppenleiterin in Erlangen (German only)
1 July 2019: Wissenschaftlicher Pioniergeist in Erlangen: Forschung am MPZPM hat begonnen – Blutdiagnosen werden schneller und differenzierter (German only)
26 April 2019: Das Max-Planck-Institut feiert sein 10-jähriges Bestehen am UNESCO Tag des Lichts (German only)
15 April 2019: Following a protein nano-rover on the cell membrane
1 April 2019: Girl's Day: Von Schrödingers Katze und ganz viel Teamarbeit (German only)
27 February 2019: Coherent two-level quantum system
27 February 2019: AtmoSHINE: Technology from Erlangen exploring the atmosphere


28 November 2018: AAAS and Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light Announce 2018 Fellows
1 October 2018: Professor Jochen Guck is the newest director at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
31 August 2018: Fragen verändern die Welt: Max-Planck-Tag am 14. September 2018 (German only)


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