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Realizing exceptional points of any order in the presence of symmetry

Sharareh Sayyad, Flore K. Kunst

arXiv 2202.07009 (2022) Preprint | PDF


Artificial Hawking Radiation in Non-Hermitian Parity-Time Symmetric Systems

Marcus Stålhammar, Jorge Larana-Aragon, Lukas Rødland, Flore Kunst

arXiv: 2106.05030v1 (2021) | PDF

Exceptional topology of non-Hermitian systems

Emil J. Bergholtz, Jan Carl Budich, Flore Kunst

Reviews of Modern Physics 93(1) 015005 (2021) | Journal


Phase transitions and generalized biorthogonal polarization in non-Hermitian systems

Elisabet Edvardsson, Flore Kunst, Tsuneya Yoshida, Emil J. Bergholtz

Physical Review Research 2(4) 043046 (2020) | Journal

Dissipative analog of four-dimensional quantum Hall physics

Fanny Terrier, Flore Kunst

Physical Review Research 2(2) 023364 (2020) | Journal


Corner states of light in photonic waveguides

Ashraf El Hassan, Flore K. Kunst, Alexander Moritz, Guillermo Andler, Emil J. Bergholtz, Mohamed Bourennane

Nature Photonics 13(10) 697-700 (2019) | Journal

Non-Hermitian systems and topology: A transfer-matrix perspective

Flore K. Kunst, Vatsal Dwivedi

Physical Review B 99(24) 245116 (2019) | Journal

suggested by editors

Non-Hermitian extensions of higher-order topological phases and their biorthogonal bulk-boundary correspondence

Elisabet Edvardsson, Flore K. Kunst, Emil J. Bergholtz

Physical Review B 99(8) 081302 (2019) | Journal

Extended Bloch theorem for topological lattice models with open boundaries

Flore K. Kunst, Guido van Miert, Emil J. Bergholtz

Physical Review B 99(8) 085427 (2019) | Journal

Boundaries of boundaries: A systematic approach to lattice models with solvable boundary states of arbitrary codimension

Flore K. Kunst, Guido van Miert, Emil J. Bergholtz

Physical Review B 99(8) 085426 (2019) | Journal

Symmetry-protected nodal phases in non-Hermitian systems

Jan Carl Budich, Johan Carlstrom, Flore K. Kunst, Emil J. Bergholtz

Physical Review B 99(4) 041406 (2019) | Journal

suggested by editors


Biorthogonal Bulk-Boundary Correspondence in Non-Hermitian Systems

Flore K. Kunst, Elisabet Edvardsson, Jan Carl Budich, Emil J. Bergholtz

Physical Review Letters 121(2) 026808 (2018) | Journal

suggested by editors

Lattice models with exactly solvable topological hinge and corner states

Flore K. Kunst, Guido van Miert, Emil J. Bergholtz

Physical Review B 97(24) 241405 (2018) | Journal

Transversal magnetotransport in Weyl semimetals: Exact numerical approach

Jan Behrends, Flore Kunst, Bjoern Sbierski

Physical Review B 97(6) 064203 (2018) | Journal



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