Flore Kunst: Group Leader. I am excited about the interdisciplinary character of non-Hermitian topology, which is relevant for condensed matter physics, optics, and even biological systems, while also being relevant both in theory and for experiment.





Sharareh Sayyad: Postdoctoral Researcher. I work on the interplay between dissipation dynamics and symmetry considerations in open quantum systems described effectively by Non-Hermitian topological models.




Julius Gohsrich: Ph.D student. For my PhD I was looking for a project in a novel field where I could utilize my previously acquired knowledge. Since I already worked with non Hermitian operators during my Masters project, Flore’s vision for the group was aligning perfectly with what I was looking for. At the moment I am working on non-Hermitian tight-binding models where the most prominent features are the non-Hermitian skin effect and exceptional points, both inherently non-Hermitian phenomena.




Maria Zelenayova: Ph.D student. Hi, I am Maria and my current interest lies in finding links between different methods that solve open quantum systems. Their common trait is that they are non-Hermitian (NH) and by looking at the spectra, symmetries or other topological properties I am trying to find similarities and differences. NH physics usually emerges when some type of loss is present and I find it fascinating that by studying and understanding topology in these NH systems we might be able to harvest dissipations for further scientific advances.




Jacob Fauman: Master student. I'm a second year masters student at the Max Planck School of Photonics. I am interested in applying non-Hermitian theory to advance photonic technologies.




Quentin Levoy: Master student. I joined the Kunst research group to complete a year-long project. I take great interest in the interface between theory and experiment. It is therefore natural for me to study non-Hermitian physics since it displays unique physical features that can be seen both through theory and experiment.




Daniel Borrero Landazabal: I am a master student from the Europhotonics program. The project I'm working on consist of applying effective non-Hermitian descriptions to open quantum systems and observing special features from non-Hermitian physics such as exceptional points.




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